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Episode Guide (Series 9)

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1: Wake Up Walmington (2 Oct 77)

Mainwaring thinks that the population of Walmington are becoming complacent about the threat of invasion, so he orders the platoon to disguise themselves as fifth columnists. They wander about the area acting as suspiciously as possible, but nodody seems to take any notice. Eventually, someone informs the police, who call in Captain Square's platoon to deal with the supposed interlopers.

Also appearing:
Colin Bean (Private Sponge), Harold Bennett (Mr Bluett), Charles Hill (Butler), Jeffrey Holland (Soldier), Sam Kydd (Yokel), Barry Linehan (Van Driver), Geoffrey Lumsden (Captain Square), Robert Raglan (Colonel), Michael Stainton (Frenchy), Alister Williamson (Bert)

2: The Making Of Private Pike (9 Oct 77)

Mainwaring is issued with a staff car to use while he acts as an umpire in an exercise. Private Pike has arranged a date with Hodge's neice Sylvia, who persuades him to borrow the staff car for a drive to Eastgate. The car runs out of petrol and Pike has to spend all night pushing it home.

Also appearing:
Pamela Cundell (Mrs Fox), Jean Gilpin (Sylvia), Melita Manger (Nora), Jeffrey Segal (Brigadier), Anthony Sharp (Colonel)

3: Knights Of Madness (16 Oct 77)

The platoon decide to stage a reenactment of the battle between St George and the Dragon as part of a Wings For Victory fundraising event. Unkown to Mainwaring, Hodges and the Air Raid Wardens have decided to do the same thing.

Also appearing:
Colin Bean (Private Sponge), Eric Longworth (Town Clerk), Fred McNaughton (Mayor), Olive Mercer (Mrs Yeatman)

4: The Miser's Hoard (23 Oct 77)

Mainwaring tries to persuade Frazer to sell his collection of gold coins to buy an annuity. Word spreads around Walmington that Frazer has a hoard of gold, so everyone is looking for a handout. When Fraser is seen heading for the graveyard carrying a box, the platoon follow in an attempt to discover what he's up to.

Also appearing:
Colin Bean (Private Sponge), Fulton McKay (Dr McCeavedy)

5: Number Engaged (30 Oct 77)

The platoon are given the job of guarding some 'vitally important' telephone wires over the weekend. The vicar and the verger turn up to give an open-air service, then Mainwaring spots a bomb hanging from the telephone wires. Mainwaring commandeers some furniture from a nearby house and gets the men to build a tower in an attempt to reach the bomb. The attempt fails, but Wilson has a better idea.

Also appearing:
Bernice Adams (ATS Girl), Colin Bean (Private Sponge), Felix Bowness (Van Driver), Ronnie Brody (GPO Man), Kenneth MacDonald (Army Sergeant), Stuart McGugan (Scottish Sergeant), Robert Mill (Army Captain)

6: Never Too Old (6 Nov 77)

Jones is marrying Mrs Fox. Wilson is best man and Mainwaring gives the bride away. The wedding reception is curtailed after a phone call warning of imminent invasion. Jones spends his wedding night on guard duty.

Also appearing:
Colin Bean (Private Sponge), Joan Cooper (Dolly), Pamela Cundell (Mrs Fox), Robert Raglan (Colonel)

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