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Capt George Mainwaring
(Arthur Lowe)

George Mainwaring is the pompous manager of the Swallow Bank in Walmington-On-Sea. When the Local Defence Volunteer Force is set up, he appoints himself Captain of the Walmington-On-Sea platoon.

He sees himself as a natural-born leader of men. The Grammar school educated son of a draper, he served as a 2nd Lieutenant in the First World War, arriving in France two days after the Armistice was signed.


Sgt Arthur Wilson
(John Le Mesurier)

Arthur Wilson is Chief Clerk at the Swallow Bank. He's the Sergeant in the Walmington-On-Sea platoon of the Home Guard.

A fairly diffident, languid character, he tends to take most things in his stride.

Mainwaring resents the fact that Wilson comes from a privileged, public school background.


L/Cpl Jack Jones
(Clive Dunn)

Jack Jones is the local butcher. He's the Lance-Corporal in the Walmington-On-Sea platoon of the Home Guard.

Jack is an old soldier with over 30 years service.

He brings boundless enthusiasm to everything he does and tends to be a compulsive volunteer.

His catchphrases are "Don't panic!" and "They don't like it up 'em".


Pte Jock Frazer
(John Laurie)

Frazer is the local undertaker.

A dour Scot, he's always very cynical, with a naturally gloomy disposition.

He also tends to be a compulsive spreader of rumours.


Pte Frank Pike
(Ian Lavender)

Frank Pike is a Clerk at the Swallow Bank. He's the youngest member of the Walmington-On-Sea platoon of the Home Guard.

He's something of a mummy's boy - his mother tends to mollycoddle him.

He has a habit of irritating Captain Mainwaring, who constantly refers to him as a "stupid boy".


Pte Joe Walker
(James Beck)

Joe Walker is the local "wide boy".

If you want something, however scarce, Joe Walker can usually be relied on to get it for you - no questions asked - provided the price is right.

Joe is something of a "ladies' man", with a liking for young blondes.


Pte Charles Godfrey
(Arnold Ridley)

Godfrey is very much the old-fashioned gentleman. 35 years of service in men's outfitting has left him with an ingrained sense of politeness.

He's quite frail and has constant problems with his bladder.

He lives in a cottage with his two spinster sisters, Dolly and Cissy.


Warden William Hodges
(Bill Pertwee)

Hodges is the local greengrocer.

He's the Chief Warden with the Walmington-On-Sea ARP unit.

He has a very low opinion of 'Napoleon' Mainwairing and his 'geriatric' platoon.


Reverend Timothy Farthing
(Frank Williams)

The Reverend Farthing is the Vicar of St. Aldhelm's Church, Walmington-On-Sea.

He's an ineffectual, rather huffy man who lacks the patience to be a particularly good pastor. He likes a drink, sometimes overindulging according to the Verger. His passion is bell-ringing - not something he can practice while there's a war on.


Maurice Yeatman, Verger
(Edward Sinclair)

Mr Yeatman is the Verger of St. Aldhelm's Church, Walmington-On-Sea.

He's very fond of gossip and spends much of his time fawning to the vicar and 'telling tales' on Mainwaring.


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