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Episode Guide (Series 2)

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1: Operation Kilt (1 Mar 69)

The platoon are involved in an exercise in which six members of the Highland Regiment attack the platoon's headquarters. The members of the Walmington-On-Sea platoon come up with a scheme to ensure that they can capture their attackers.

Also appearing:
James Copeland (Captain Ogilvey)

2: The Battle Of Godfrey's Cottage (8 Mar 69)

When the church bells start tolling, the members of the platoon think it's a German invasion. Wilson takes half of the men to the Novelty Rock Emporium, while Jones leads the rest to Godfrey's cottage, where a machine gun post has been set up. Wilson and his men leave the Novelty Rock Emporium and head for Godfrey's cottage, not knowing that Jones and his men have already gone there. They mistake the other half of the platoon for Germans and launch an attack.

Also appearing:
Colin Bean (Private Sponge), Nan Braunton (Cissy Godfrey), Amy Dalby (Dolly Godfrey)

3: The Loneliness Of The Long Distance Walker (15 Mar 69)

When Walker is called up, Mainwaring tries to persuade the War Office that he's too valuable for the Walmington-On-Sea platoon to lose. In spite of Mainwaring's efforts, Walker has to join the Army. He's discharged within a few days, however, when it's discovered that he's allergic to corned beef.

Also appearing:
Edward Evans (Mr Reed), Diana King (Chairwoman), Michael Knowles (Captain Cutts), Anthony Sharp (Brigadier), Patrick Waddington (Brigadier)

4: Sergeant Wilson's Little Secret (22 Mar 69)

Wilson overhears Mrs Pike telling Frank that she's going to have a child. He mistakenly assumes that she's pregnant - in reality, she's going to be looking after an evacuee. When Wilson confides in Mainwaring, the Captain advises marriage. The platoon will provide the guard of honour at the wedding. Wilson is all set for matrimony until Mrs Pike clears up the confusion by introducing him to little Arthur, the evacuee.

Also appearing:
Graham Harboard (Little Arthur)

5: A Stripe For Frazer (29 Mar 69)

Mainwaring promotes Frazer to Lance-Corporal, causing rivalry between Frazer and Jones. When Frazer starts presenting Mainwaring with charge sheets fror half of the platoon, including Jones, the Captain decides to cancel Frazer's promotion.

Also appearing:
Geoffrey Lumsden (Corporal-Colonel Square), Gordon Peters (Policeman), John Ringham (Captain Bailey), Edward Sinclair (Caretaker)

6: Under Fire (5 Apr 69)

The platoon are on fire watch when they spot a man using a flashlight. Convinced that they've discovered an enemy spy, they arrest the man, who tells them that his name is Murphy and that he's a British citizen born in Austria. Back at the church hall, an incendiary bomb lands and starts a fire. Mrs Pike extinguishes the fire with sandbags. It's revealed that Mr Murphy isn't a spy - he's married to Mrs Pike's Auntie Ethel's cousin.

Also appearing:
Gladys Dawson (Mrs Witt), Geoffrey Lumsden (Corporal-Colonel Square), June Petersen (Mrs Keen), John Ringham (Captain Bailey), Ernst Ulman (Sigmund Murphy), Queenie Watts (Mrs Keane)

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