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Episode Guide (Series 3)

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1: The Armoured Might Of Lance Corporal Jones (11 Sep 69)

GHQ orders the platoon to work more closely with the local ARP. Mainwaring is instructed to discuss arrangements with the new Chief ARP Warden, "that rather common fellow", Mr Hodges. Walker talks Jones into lending the platoon his delivery van, which is converted to run on gas. Walker plans to use the van for his black market activities. Hodges holds an air raid practice and the platoon members have to act as stretcher-bearers.

Also appearing:
Harold Bennett (Old Man), Pamela Cundell (Mrs Fox), Nigel Hawthorne (Angry Man), Dick Haydon (Raymond), Olive Mercer (Mrs Casson), Jean St Clair (Miss Meadows), Queenie Watts (Mrs Peters)

2: Battle School (18 Sep 69)

The members of the platoon have to attend a weekend camp. After a train journey, they find they have a four-hour march from the station to the camp. They arrive late and miss supper. Next morning, they oversleep and get no breakfast. They are instructed to capture an 'enemy base' manned by Captain Rodriques and his men. The discovery of a secret tunnel makes this easier than expected.

Also appearing:
Colin Bean (Private Sponge), Alan Haines (Major Smith), Alan Tilvern (Captain Rodrigues)

3: The Lion Has 'Phones (25 Sep 69)

A German bomber crashes into the reservoir while Walker and Frazer are on patrol. Jones is sent to phone GHQ, but he dials the wrong number and gets the Plaza Cinema by mistake. The cashier tells Jones that the film currently showing is "One Of Our Aircraft Is Missing". Jones gets confused and thinks that the crashed plane in the reservoir is "one of ours" and is piloted by Eric Portman and Googie Withers. Back at the reservoir, Walker arranges for the sluice gates to be opened, forcing the German airmen to leave their plane and swim for the shore.

Also appearing:
Avril Angers (Telephone Operator), Timothy Carlton (Lieutenant Hope Bruce), Richard Jacques (Mr Cheesewright), Linda James (Betty), Stanley McGeagh (Sergeant Waller), Gilda Perry (Doreen), Pamela Cundell (Lady In Queue), Olive Mercer (Lady In Queue), Bernadette Milne (Lady In Queue)

4: The Bullet Is Not For Firing (2 Oct 69)

The platoon use their entire supply of ammunition in a night exercise. Captain Mainwaring insists on holding a Court of Inquiry, which becomes a shambles.

Also appearing:
Tim Barrett (Captain Pringle), Harold Bennett (Mr Blewitt), Michael Knowles (Captain Cutts), May Warden (Mrs Dowding)

5: Something Nasty In The Vault (9 Oct 69)

A bomb lands on the bank during an air raid, but fails to explode. While they are inspecting the damage, Mainwaring and Wilson fall through a hole into the vault and end up cluctching the bomb. Captain Rogers arrives from Bomb Disposal, but decides that he needs special tools to deal with the bomb, so he goes away again. The members of the platoon decide to solve the problem in their own way.

Also appearing:
Robert Dorning (Bank Inspector), Norman Mitchell (Captain Rogers)

6: Room At The Bottom (16 Oct 69)

When staff at GHQ discover that Mainwaring has never had a commission, he's demoted to Private and Wilson is put in charge of the platoon. A training exercise becomes a fiasco under Wilson's leadership, so the members of the platoon insist on Mainwaring being reinstated as Captain.

Also appearing:
Colin Bean (Private Sponge), John Ringham (Captain Bailey), Anthony Sagar (Drill Sergeant Gregory)

7: Big Guns (23 Oct 69)

A naval gun is delivered to the platoon. Captain Mainwaring discovers that the town's bandstand blocks the proposed line of fire of the new gun. He tries to talk the Town Clerk into having the bandstand demolished, but is told that it's a rare example of Victorian ironwork. Mainwaring arranges a demonstration of the gun in an attempt to persuade the Town Council to approve the demolition of the bandstand.

Also appearing:
Roy Denton (Mr Bennett), Don Estelle (Man From Pickfords), Edward Evans (Mr Rees)

8: The Day The Balloon Went Up (30 Oct 69)

The platoon capture a stray barrage balloon. They decide to tow it out into the woods so that they can tie it to a tree. The balloon ecsapes and takes off with Captain Mainwaring still holding on to the cable. It looks as if the RAF will have to shoot the balloon down.

Also appearing:
Harold Bennett (Mr Blewitt), Nan Braunton (Cissy Godfrey), Jack Haig (Gardener)

9: War Dance (6 Nov 69)

Private Pike brings an ATS girl to the Home Guard dance, intending to announce his intention of marrying her. Mainwaring doesn't approve of her, so he tells Wilson to persuade Pike that she isn't "suitable".Mrs Pike throws a bucket of water over her son, who decides that marriage isn't for him after all.

Also appearing:
Nan Braunton (Cissy Godfrey), Sally Douglas (Blodwen), The Graham Twins (Doris and Dora), Olive Mercer (Mrs Yeatman)

10: Menace From The Deep (13 Nov 69)

The platoon are guarding a machine gun post at the end of the local pier. Pike makes a mess of securing the rowing boat and it drifts away, leaving them stranded. Then they spot a sea mine drifting towards the pier. Chief Warden Hodges, demon bowler, saves the day.

11: Branded (20 Nov 69)

Godfrey admits to being a conscientious objector during the First World War and is sent home in disgrace. The rest of the platoon send him to Coventry. Later, Captain Mainwaring collapses during an exercise in a smoke-filled room and is rescued by Godfrey. It's revealed that Godfrey is a holder of the Military Medal, so he's reinstated as a member of the platoon. Mainwaring gives him the job of Medical Orderly.

Also appearing:
Nan Braunton (Cissy Godfrey)

12: Man Hunt (27 Nov 69)

Walker gets hold of a tracking dog for the platoon. When a discarded parachute is found, Mainwaring decides to use the dog to track down the parachutist. A man is finally cornered and captured, but he turns out to be a harmless birdwatcher.

Also appearing:
Robert Aldous (German Pilot), Leon Cortez (Small Man), Miranda Hampton (Sexy Lady), Olive Mercer (Fierce Lady), Robert Moore (Large Man), Patrick Tull (Suspect)

13: No Spring For Frazer (4 Dec 69)

A butterfly spring goes missing from the Lewis Gun which Frazer was supposed to be looking after. Frazer says that the spring must have fallen into the coffin of Mr Blewitt's brother. The platoon try to recover the spring from Mr Blewitt's house, without success. The next day, they stop the funeral by telling everyone that there's an unexploded bomb in the graveyard. They fail once again to recover the spring - then Frazer finds it in his pocket.

Also appearing:
Harold Bennett (Mr Blewitt), Ronnie Brandon (Mr Drury), Joan Cooper (Miss Bennett)

14: Sons Of The Sea (11 Dec 69)

Mainwaring requisitions a boat called "The Naughty Jane", planning to use it for coastal patrols. Members of the platoon set sail and become lost in the fog. When they finally reach land, they believe they've crosssed the Channel and landed behind enemy lines. They hide on a train, fall asleep and wake to find themselves travelling through the countryside. When the train finally stops, they discover that they are in Eastbourne!

Also appearing:
Michael Bilton (Mr Maxwell)

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