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Episode Guide (Series 1)

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1: The Man And The Hour (31 Jul 68)

When Anthony Eden announces the formation of the Local Defence Volunteers, the local bank manager, Mr Mainwaring, decides to take charge of the Walmington-On-Sea unit. He holds a meeting in the church hall to enrol volunteers. The meeting is curtailed when Chief Warden Hodges insists on the hall being cleared for a lecture. The new LDV members are issued with temporary uniforms, otherwise known as armbands.

Also appearing:
Caroline Dowdeswell (Janet King), John Ringham (Bracewell)

2: Museum Piece (7 Aug 68)

The Walmington-On-Sea LDV unit has no proper weapons, so Mainwaring decides to requisition the contents of the Peabody Museum of Historic Army Weapons. The platoon ends up with an ancient Chinese rocket gun.

Also appearing:
Caroline Dowdeswell (Janet King), Eric Woodburn (Museum Curator)

3: Command Decision (14 Aug 68)

Mainwaring gets a visit from an old soldier named Colonel Square, who offers to donate weapons to the Walmington-On-Sea LDV unit, provided he's allowed to take command. Mainwaring reluctantly agrees, until he discovers that the wepons in question are ancient muskets and that Colonel Square wants the unit to operate on horseback. Mainwaring takes charge again and the unit's official supply of weaopons finally arrives.

Also appearing:
Caroline Dowdeswell (Janet King), Geoffrey Lumsden (Colonel Square)

4: The Enemy Within The Gates (21 Aug 68)

Captain Mainwaring is giving a lecture on recognising enemy agents when he's interrupted by a monocled officer with a suspicious foreign accent. The stranger is arrested, but is later released when he manages to convince Mainwaring that he's Polish. he's come from GHQ to inform the LDV unit that there will be a reward of £10 for every Nazi they arrest. Later, on night patrol, Lance-Corporal Jones and his section arrest two German pilots. They're held in the church hall but manage to hoodwink Private Godfrey into letting them escape. The Polish Captain manages to recapture them and bring them back to the church hall. When the police come to take away the prisoners, they mistake the Polish Captain for a Nazi and take him away too. The platoon gets a £30 reward.

Also appearing:
Caroline Dowdeswell (Janet King), Carl Jaffe (Captain Winogrodzki)

5: The Showing Up Of Corporal Jones (28 Aug 68)

The platoon is being inspected by Major Regan from area HQ. He decides that Lance-Corporal Jones isn't fit for duty and will have to leave the LDV unless he can get around an assault course in 15 minutes. Other members of the platoon come up with a devious plan to help Jones to succeed. The platoon is finally issued with proper uniforms.

In this epsisode, Captain Mainwaring delivers the immortal line, "Listen carefully. I can say this only once.". David Croft used a similar line again many times in "'Allo 'Allo".

Also appearing:
Edward Sinclair (Caretaker), Patrick Waddington (Brigadier), Martin Wyldeck (Major Regan)

6: Shooting Pains (4 Sep 68)

A shooting contest between the Walmington-On-Sea and the Eastgate platoons will decide who provides the guard of honour when the Prime Minister visits the area. Walker persuades a crack shot, appearing at the local theatre, to pose as a member of the platoon for the contest. It's Private Frazer, however, who wins the contest for Walmington-On-Sea by scoring five bullseyes.

Also appearing:
Caroline Dowdeswell (Janet King), Jimmy Perry (Charlie Cheeseman), Barbara Windsor (Laura La Plaz), Martin Wyldeck (Major Regan)

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