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Episode Guide (Series 6)

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1: The Deadly Attachment (31 Oct 73)

The crew of a U-boat are found adrift in a dinghy. They're captured and brought to the church hall, where Mainwaring and his men are given the task of guarding them until an armed escort arrives.

Also appearing:
Colin Bean (Private Sponge), Robert Raglan (Colonel)

2: My British Buddy (7 Nov 73)

A small group of Americans arrives in Walmington-On-Sea. Mainwaring arranges a darts match to welcome them to England. Unfortunately, a fight breaks out when the Americans start paying to much attention to the local women.

Also appearing:
Pamela Cundell (Mrs Fox), Blain Fairman (US Sergeant)Suzanne Kerchiss (Ivy), Verne Morgan (Landlord), Robert Raglan (Colonel), Wendy Richard (Shirley), Talfryn Thomas (Mr Cheeseman), Alan Tilvern (US Colonel)

3: The Royal Train (14 Nov 73)

King George VI is due to pass through Walmington-On-Sea on the Royal Train. Mainwaring's platoon is chosen to provide a guard of honour. A train pulls up at the station and the driver and fireman go into the station office for a cup of tea. They mistake Mainwaring's sleeping pills for saccharin and end up fast asleep. The men from the platoon have to drive the train away from the station so that the Royal Train can pass.

Also appearing:
Sue Bishop (Ticket Collector), Ronnie Brody (Bob), Freddy Earlle (Henry), Bob Hornery (City Gent), Fred McNaughton (Mayor), William Moore (Station Master)

4: We Know Our Onions (21 Nov 73)

The members of the platoon have to take part in an initiative test. They travel to the test venue in Jones' van, which is full of onions which Walker has obtained for Hodges. The test gets off to a bad start. The platoon make a mess of negotiating an electric fence. Then they attack a NAAFI tealady who they (mistakenly) believe is carrying a bomb.They manage to redeem themselves by using the onions as ammunition to repel advancing soldiers.

Also appearing:
Pamela Manson (NAAFI Girl), Alex McAvoy (Sergeant), Fulton McKay (Captain Ramsey), Cy Town (Mess Steward)

5: The Honourable Man (28 Nov 73)

Captain Mainwaring is the chairman of a committee set up to decide on a suitable ceremony to welcome a visiting Russian dignitary. Meanwhile, Wilson learns that, as a result of the death of his uncle, he has now become the Honourable Arthur Wilson. Mainwaring is horrified to learn that, as a result of his new title, Wilson has been invited to join the Golf Club. Mainwaring has been trying to join for years without success. Everyone except Mainwaring thinks that the Honourable Arthur Wilson should present the freedom of the town to the Russian visitor.

Also appearing:
Pamela Cundell (Mrs Fox), Eric Longworth (Town Clerk), Fred McNaughton (Mayor), Hana-Maria Pravda (Interpreter), Robert Raglan (Colonel), Gabor Vernon (Russian)

6: Things That Go Bump In The Night (5 Dec 73)

One stormy night, the members of the platoon run out of petrol and have to take shelter in a gloomy old house. Next morning, they discover that it's a training school for tracker dogs. The platoon members leave to fetch some petrol. The trainee tracker dogs escape and give chase.

Also appearing:
Colin Bean (Private Sponge), Jonathan Cecil (Captain Cadbury)

7: The Recruit (12 Dec 73)

Captain Mainwaring has to go into hospital to have an ingrowing toenail removed. Wilson takes charge of the platoon and allows the vicar and the verger to join the Home Guard. When Mainwaring arrives back from hospital, he's very unhappy about the new recruits. The vicar and the verger are on patrol when a cheeky young boy is rude to them. The verger gives him a clip round the ear and the boy runs off to tell his uncle - Hodges. Mainwaring tells the vicar that he and the verger should have dealt with things in a better way. The vicar and the verger are offended, so they resign from the platoon.

Also appearing:
Lindsey Dunn (Small Boy), Susan Majolier (Nurse)

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