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Episode Guide (Series 6)

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1: Footloose (21 Jul 06)

George has had to close down his health food shop, so money is very tight. He decides to try his luck in a game of poker back on Ultron. Unfortunately, he loses most of his body parts in the game and has to find a new body as quickly as possible.

James Dreyfus takes over the lead role in this and subsequent episodes.

Ardal O'Hanlon makes a brief appearance at the beginning of the programme.

2: Here's One I Made Earlier (28 Jul 06)

The children have started talking in a language that only they can understand. Janet is finding it difficult to get used to George's new body so she makes him sleep on the sofa. George tries adopting a female body in an effort to understand women. He encounters a son he had many years before he met Janet.

3: My Kingdom For A Cat (4 Aug 06)

Stanley develops an allergy to Ella's new cat. He consults George at the Health Centre and is prescribed treatment.

George comes up with the idea of asking a cat for advice about dealing with women. The consequences are saomewhat alarming.

4: Sidekick (11 Aug 06)

Piers decides to take more time off to practice his golf swing, so George has to take on many more patients. This makes it very difficult for him to keep up with his duties as Thermoman.

He decides to create a "sidekick" from one of his ribs. The result is a tall, beautiful blonde named Lula. She becomes so good at being a superhero that George is demoted to "Sticky Tape Boy".

5: Not For Prophet (18 Aug 06)

Janet is trying to baby Cassie into a church nursery. She invites the vicar round for tea, hoping to impress him with their home life. Unfortunately, George spoils everything by revealing his admiration for Satan.

George decides to set up his own religion, which he calls Wa-Tu-Ma-Hey-Go-Fla. It's so successful that George becomes convinced that he really IS The Chosen One.

Tyler puts a spanner in the works by announcing that The Chosen One must be virgin, which rules out George as a suitable candidate. Piers, hower, announces on TV that he IS still a virgin, so HE must be The Chosen One.

Piers challenges George to a "trial by falling off the roof of a building&qhot; to establish which of them is the "true" Chosen One.

6: Dermoman (25 Aug 06)

The Ultronian Plolice stop George for travelling faster than light and he's ordered to retake his superhero theory test. If he doesn't pass, he'll lose his superhero licence and be forced to return to Ultron.

Janet suggests that George joins a gym so that he can get rid of his excess energy. She isn't too pleased with the results.

George takes some "reverse steroids" to reverse the overdevelopment of his body. As a result, he regresses to looking and behaving like a spoiled teenager. He's renamed "Whatever Man" because that is now is response to every question he's asked.

He decides to form a rock band with Tyler. Janet says that they are total rubbish, but what does she know anyway?

Because George can't be bothered to turn up for his superhero theory test, Ollie goes and takes it for him. He gets a distinction.

George is finally shaken out of his teenage state when Stanley comes round dressed as a "gangsta rapper".

7: Top Of The Table (1 Sep 06)

The old version of George held second palce in the galactic superhero league. New George is determined to do as well but, unfortunately, finds himself in 14th place when the latest rankings are announced.

George comes up with various ruses designed to improve his position and, after confiscating all of the alcohol and tobacco on Earth, manages to reach the number 1 spot. He also makes himself the most unpopular person on Earth.

Janet is angry with George because of his "prohibition" and becausre he ruined the play in which her parents were appearing. He becomes depressed and eats over 800 burgers. As a result, he ends up grossly obese. This slows him down somewhat and he slips to bottom of the superhero league table. He has to have emergency Ultronian liposuction. to get rid of his excess fat.

Piers has been asked to be best man at his cousin's wedding. Mrs Raven offers to provide the booze and stripper for the stag night (at a price, of course). She makes the alcohol herself and also becomes the stripper. As a result, Piers is nearly lynched by the groom and his friends.

8: Believe (10 Sep 06)

George has been a one-man disaster zone all week, flying through walls and dropping villages. He doesn't know what's wrong but hopes it's just a "temporary blip".

Arnie carries out a "body MOT" on George. The only fault he can find is a confidence level of zero. This has resulted in George losing control of his superpowers.

Dr Piers Crispin has published a new self-help book entitled "Believe". George reads a copy and not only regains his self-confidence but becomes the "life councillor from hell".

Arnie is very worried by the obvious change in George's attitude. Apparently, every Ultronian has a "failsafe" which activates when they get too big-headed. Shortly afterwards, George's head explodes and a replacement has to be ordered from Ultron.