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George Sunday (Ardal O'Hanlon) is a mild-mannered shopkeeper who has an "alter ego". Whenever danger threatens, he changes into the superhero "Thermoman" and rushes off to save the world.

One day, Thermoman saves Janet Dawkins (Emily Joyce) from certain death when she falls into the Grand Canyon. He takes a fancy to her and decides that he wants to get to know her better. He tries to get to know her as "George", since he doesn't want her to know about his "alter ego".

Things don't go quite according to plan, however. George soon has to reveal to Janet that he's really Thermoman. She accepts him anyway and the two end up living together. Eventually, they get married and have a son and a daughter.

Other characters include: Janet's mother Ella (Lil Roughley) and father Stanley (Tim Wylton); Dr Piers Christian (Hugh Dennis); Mrs Raven (Geraldine McNulty); Arnie (Lou Hirsch); Tyler (Philip Whitchurch)

At the beginning of Series 6, Thermoman loses his body in an Ultronian poker game. He gets a new body, with James Dreyfus taking over the role of George Sunday.

Series: 6
Episodes: 51
Transmitted: 2000-2006
Channel: BBC1

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