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Episode Guide (Series 3)

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1: Baby Talk (7 Jun 02)

George and Janet have problems preventing her parents from discovering that baby Ollie can talk and fly.

2: Zero Tolerance (14 Jun 02)

George is hailed as a hero when man looking for drugs tries to hold up the Health Centre. He confronts the man and is shot by him.

Ella and Stanley are very impressed. They invite George to join the local Neighbourhood Watch group.

George becomes obsessed with the prevention of petty crime and manages to make a total nuisance of himself.

3: Pet Rescue (21 Jun 02)

Stanley and Ella are having their home redecorated, so Janet offers to look after their dog, Biggles, until the work is finished.

George gets a new superpower which allows him to communicate with animals. He discovers that the dog's real name is Malcolm and that he doesn't like Ella and Stanley. When they arrive to take him back home, he bites Stanley.

It's decided that the dog should be put to sleep. George resolves to save him and return him to his mother.

4: The Older Man (28 Jun 02)

George has reached his 327th bithday. While everyone is celebrating, he begins to age very rapidly. He decides that he needs to get a new body as quickly as possible.

5: Puttin' On The Writs (5 Jul 02)

Mrs Raven encounters some runaway shopping trolleys and falls off the top of a multi-storey car park. She's saved by Thermoman, who declines her invitatiuon to join her for tea and cakes,

Later, she claims that he injured her during the rescue, so she plans to sue him for damages.

6: Shock, Horror! (12 Jul 02)

Baby Ollie becomes ill and Thermoman exhausts himself by going home repeatedly to check on the baby's conditioon.

A local newspaper reporter catches Thermoman in the flat and publishes a story about Thermoman's love child.

7: Little Green Man (2 Aug 02)

George sees Janet sharing a piece of cake with Arnie and this brings on a severe case of Ultronian jealousy. Every time he gets jealous, his skin turns green!

8: Mine's A Double (9 Aug 02)

George has to attend a superhero refresher course. The Ultron Council insist on sending a "George clone" to take over from him.

Hilary, the clone, causes a lot of problems and is finally responsible for George being stripped of his superpowers.

9: A Little Learning (16 Aug 02)

It's nearly Ella and Stanley's 40th wedding anniversary and they are planning to hold a celebration party. They don't want to invite George in case he embarrasses them.

George discovers that eating pork scratchings helps him to remember things. He becomes addicted to them, so much so that Janet ends up leaving him. She refuses to come back until he has sorted out his addiction.

Stanley and Ella becomes so impressed with the new, super-intelligent George that they ask him to make a speech at their anniversary party.

If he stops eating pork scratchings, Janet will come back to him but he'll then lose his new intellectual powers and make a fool of himself at the party.

10: A Day To Remember (23 Aug 02)

George accidentally erases his own memory. As a result, he can no longer function as Thermoman. At first, Janet is happy with this situation because it means that George can devote more time to her and Baby Ollie. Then a large meteor is spotted on a collision course with Earth!