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Episode Guide (Series 1)

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1: My Hero (4 Feb 00)

While Janet Dawkins is on holiday in the USA, she falls over the edge of the Grand Canyon and is rescued by Thermoman.

Back in England, Janet returns to her job as practice nurse at the Northolt Health Centre and tries to carry on as if nothing has happened.

When a strange Irishman named George Sunday visits the Health Centre, she doesn't think she knows him. Later, he reveals that he's really Thermoman.

2: Guess Who's Coming To Lunch (11 Feb 00)

George has moved in with Janet. She invites her parents round for dinner, telling George to "behave normally". The meal looks like being a success until George decides to use his superpowers to fiinish cooking the chicken.

3: Mission Impossible (18 Feb 00)

After Janet washes George's Thermoman costume to get rid of a Marmite stain, George has an allergic reaction to the washing powder. He goes to see Dr Piers Crispin, who discovers that George has two hearts and superhuman faculties. He decides that George must really be Thermoman.

Piers tries to blackmail George by threatening to reveal his secret identity live on television unless George leaves Janet.

George solves the problem by wiping Piers' brain.

4: Thermoman's Greatest Challenge (25 Feb 00)

Thermoman keeps coming to the Health Centre to "save" Janet from "dangers" like spiders and wasp stings. Piers invites him to a fund-raising party.

Janet's parents persuade George to attend the same party so that he can thank Thermoman for saving Janet. George has to think of a way of being in the same place twice.

5: Old Man Riverdance (3 Mar 00)

George's father, the original Thermoman, is living in retirement in Florida. One day, he pays a surprise visit to George and Janet.

He isn't happy about George being involved with an Earth woman. He orders George to leave her or he'll denounce him to the Ultron Council and have him 'disciplined'.

George and Janet must come up with a plan to thwart the old man.

6: The Party's Over (10 Mar 00)

George is planning a surprise party for Janet's 30th birthday. He disguises himself in a hat and sunglasses and goes round to invite all of her friends.

He gets Janet out of the way by flying her over to New York to meet his cousin Arnie. When he picks her up again, he accidentally reveals that they are on the way to a surprise party. He has to come up with a plan to resolve the situation.

Christmas (22 Dec 00)

It's Christmas and George wants to play a full part in the festivities. He dresses up as Santa Claus and sneaks into the homes of Janet's parents, Mrs Raven and Piers Crispin to leave them surprise presents. Things don't go as planned and everyone is thoroughly miserable at Christmas dinner.

George tries to make amends by bringing round the REAL Father Christmas, so that he can give everyone the presents they really want.

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