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Episode Guide (Series 5)

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1: The Foresight Saga (7 Jan 05)

Janet gives birth to a baby daughter. She can talk and also has the power to predict the future. They decide to call her Cassandra (Cassie for short).

When Cassie fortells the imminent death of everyone in the Northern Hemisphere, Thermoman is under pressure to move people to the other side of the world.

Eventually it's revealed that Cassie had actually seen people in the future asleep rather than dead.

2: Illegal Aliens (14 Jan 05)

An awkward patient at the Health Centre turns out to be an immigration officer. He accuses George and Arnie of being "illegal aliens".

With no valid documents, it looks as if the two men will be deported. Then Tyler comes up with a cunning plan.

3: The First Husbands' Club (21 Jan 05)

Janet tells George that he should be more assertive after Piers bumps into George's new car.

George decides to join a men's group at the Health Centre.

George's idea of using a spot of mind control to promote domestic harmony has unexpected consequences.

4: Cassie Come Home (28 Jan 05)

Ella is training to be a magistrate. She decides that George and Janet are not good parents and arranges for the children to be removed from home. It looks as if nothing can be done until Ollie comes to the rescue.

5: Nothing To Hide (4 Feb 05)

After George catches an art thief, he brings a lot of very expensive paintings (including the Mona Lisa) back to the flat. As a result, he's arrested and charged with theft.

A plan is devised to clear his name. This involves stealing the Mona Lisa back from the police and replacing it with a fake.

Everything goes well until Stanley accidentally damages the real painting. Then George has to come up with an alternative solution.

6: Brain Drain (11 Feb 05)

George uses an Ultronian device to electronically filter the minds of Janet, Tyler, Piers and Mrs Raven.

He manages to remove all of their prejudice and bad thoughts but confusion over which CD is which means that Janet ends up with Tyler's brain, Piers has Janet's brain and Tyler has Pers' brain. Mrs Raven keeps her own brain but ends up being nice to everyone.

Meanwhile, an inspector turns up to assess the performance of the Health Centre.

7: Fear And Clothing (25 Feb 05)

George suddenly becomes extremely superstitious. This has a detrimental effect on his performance as Thermoman.

8: How Green Was My Ollie (4 Mar 05)

Thermoman's popularity plummets when he is blamed for global warming. His attempts to prove that the Earth is safe in his hands have near-disatrous consequences.

9: Big Bother (18 Mar 05)

Janet is very unhappy when she discovers that George has been filming her for an Ultronian reality TV programme. She confides in Tyler's "cousin", who later turns out to be another Ultronian making a rival reality TV show.

10: Night Fever (25 Mar 05)

George suddenly starts having vivid nightmares, mostly about Mrs Raven. He becomes so distressed that he ends up announcing that he plans to leave Janet for Mrs Raven.

Piers is terrorised by Mrs Raven's mother, She's like her daughter, but very much more evil.