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Episode Guide (Series 4)

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1: A Sporting Chance (8 Aug 03)

Piers asks George to play in his Sunday League cricket team. Since George knows nothing about cricket, he gets Janet and Arnie to give him a crash course on the laws of the game.

In his first match, George almost wipes out his own team but redeems himself by scoring 24 runs off the last four balls of the match.

The team keeps winning, thanks to George. He gets completely hooked on success, until Janet tells him that he must become less competitive or she'll leave him

2: The Living Dead (15 Aug 03)

George is talked into taking out a life insurance policy. Shortly afterwards, he walks under a bus and is "killed". Janet has to tell everyone that she's now a widow. Ella is delighted that Janet will now be free to marry Piers.

George quickly tires of being "dead" so a plan is hatched to bring him "back to life".

3: Taking The Credit (22 Aug 03)

When George discovers consumer credit, he lets his spending get rather out of control. Before long, he and Janet have to sell the flat and all of their belongings in a futile attempt to pay off their debts.

Baby Ollie suggests playing the Lottery and even predicts the winning numbers. The resulting win solves their money worries but also brings George to the attention of the Lord High Arbiter Of Abuses of Power

4: It's All In The Mind (29 Aug 03)

The Ultron Council has asked George to write a progress report on humanity. George is about to write a favourable report until he tries a spot of mind reading and realises how wicked and deceitful human beings are.

The Ultron Council responds to George's damning report by ordering the destruction of the Earth. It's up to Ella, Stanley and Mrs Raven to do something nice within 24 hours if the decision is to be reversed.

5: Space Virus (5 Sep 03)

On a trip to Ultron, George picks up a rather nasty space virus. It's relatively harmless to Ultronians but is fatal to humans. Unfortunately, Janet, Ella, Stanley and Mrs Raven catch it from George.

Thermoman has to give them all a Thermo-Kiss-Of-Life to neutralise the virus. He accidentally passes on some of his superpowers to each of them.

Stanley and Ella become Faldo Man and Dorothy Perkins - both relatively harmless but with a tendency to be rather selective about who they save.

Mrs Raven is transformed into an evil superhero called The Raven. She starts to subject the Earth to acts of utter spite and mischief.

George has to suck out their superpowers to restore the status quo.

6: The Mayor Of Northolt (12 Sep 03)

Ella and Stanley are annoyed by a faulty streetlight outside their house. They can't get the local council to do anything about repairing it.

George decides to stand for Mayor, promising to get the streetlight fixed if he's elected. His main opponent is Dr Piers Crispin.

George's ultra-honest approach is a big hit with the voters and he's elected Mayor. He gets the faulty streetlight repaired within 24 hours and promptly resigns, saying that he's fulfilled his election promise.

7: Big (19 Sep 03)

Baby Ollie suddenly starts to grow at an alarming rate. During the space of 24 hours, he grows from a nine-month-old baby to a 19-year-old youth. Then he turns into a girl!

Janet and George want their baby son back, so they employ an eminent Ultronian doctor who knows what she's doing but looks and sounds like an irritating teenage girl. She decides that the only cure for Ollie's condition is a heart transplant. George and Arnie are the only possible donors.

8: The Consultant (26 Sep 03)

Arnie becomes a superhero consultant and the Ultron Council hires him to carry out a performance assessment on Thermoman. As a result, George is swamped with a huge pile of customer satisfaction forms which have to be filled in by everyone he rescues.

George is overstressed and starts to make mistakes. He finally brings home an armed intercontinental ballistic missile instead of destroying it. Catastrophe is averted but George decides that he's become a danger to the Earth and needs to take a break from superhero duties.

The Ultron Council send Work Experience Boy as a replacement. His inexperience and lack of competence eventually reults in George's return to active duty.

9: The Family Way (3 Oct 03)

George becomes surrogate "mother" to an Ultronian baby. Janet tries to keep his pregnancy a secret. She sneaks him into the Health Centre for an ultrasound scan. This results in total confusion for Dr Piers Crispin, who ends up convinced that Stanley is the one who is pregnant.

Janet and George are reluctant to give up the new baby to its biological parents until they see what it looks like.

10: Time And Time Again (10 Oct 03)

George and Arnie travel back in time to stop seven-year-old Janet from breaking her arm in an accident. As a result, they cause drastic changes to the future/present.

George idoesn't feel part of the new reality and he's tempted to give up being a superhero and return to Ultron. Arnie persuades him to make numerous attempts to reverse the effects of their meddling.