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Episode Guide (Series 6)

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1: Psirens (7 Oct 93)

Kryten is piloting Starbug in pursuit of Red Dwarf, which has been stolen. Rimmer is powered down and Lister and the Cat have been in stasis for 200 years. Kryten revives them and tells them that he's managed to find Red Dwarf's vapour trail. Travelling through an asteroid belt, the crew encounter the Psirens - genetically engineered creature which generate hallucinations to make passing spacecraft land or crash on the asteroids.

2: Legion (14 Oct 93)

Starbug is caught in a tractor beam and pulled towards a space station. The crew land and encounter Legion, who wants to keep them with him forever.

Also appearing:
Nigel Williams (Voice Of Legion)

3: Gunmen Of The Apocalypse (21 Oct 93)

Starbug becomes involved in a battle with a group of rogue simulants. The simulants are defeated but they manage to infect the Starbug's computers with an 'Armageddon' virus which will eventually destroy the ship. Kryten hooks himself up to the computer system so that he becomes infected with the virus. He then tries to generate a 'dove program' which will neutralise the virus infection.

Kryten is dreaming that he's a drunken sheriff facing the threat of the 'Armageddon Brothers'. When he seems to be failing in his fight, Lister, Rimmer and Cat use virtual reality suits in an attempt to help him. Although they are unsuccessful, they manage to stall the 'Armageddon Brothers' long enough for Kryten to complete his 'dove program' and wipe out the virus.

4: Emohawk: Polymorph II (28 Oct 93)

Starbug is attacked by a robotic space police enforcement craft. Although they manage to escape, Starbug is damaged.

Landing on a Gelf planet, the crew go looking for a replacement oxygen regeneration unit. The local Gelf chieftain agrees to supply them with one if Lister marries his daughter. A wedding is held, then Lister gets cold feet and 'does a runner'.

The Gelf chieftain sends his pet Emohawk, a polymorph, to track down the escaping crew of Starbug. When the creature attacks, Duane Dibley and 'Ace' Rimmer are recreated.

5: Rimmerworld (4 Nov 93)

Starbug is low on supplies, so the crew decide to board an apparently derelict simulant spacecraft to salvage what they need. They encounter a surviving simulant and, during the fight which ensues, Rimmer escapes in an escape pod. Unfortunately, the pod is pulled into a wormhole and crash lands on a barren planet.

Rimmer uses the equipment on board the pod to terraform the planet and produce clones of himself. He's then trapped for six hundred years on a planet populated entirely by his own clones. Eventually, Starbug catches up with the pod and Rimmer is rescued.

6: Out Of Time (11 Nov 93)

The crew encounter an experimental spacecraft surrounded by an 'unreality minefield'. Successfully negotiating the minefield, they discover that the ship is equipped with a time drive. They remove the drive and install it in Starbug. Then they get an SOS from another Starbug which is crewed by themselves 15 years in the future. When they refuse to surrender the time drive to their future selves, Starbug is attacked and (apparently) destroyed.