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Dave Lister (Craig Charles) is locked in stasis as punishment for smuggling a cat on board the Jupiter Mining Corporation ship, Red Dwarf.

While he's in stasis, a damaged drive plate releases radiation which kills the rest of the crew.

Three million years later, Dave is released from stasis by the ship's computer, Holly (Norman Lovett; Hattie Hayridge). He discovers that he's the last surviving member of the human race.

His only companions are a hologram of his least favourite crewmate, Arnold Rimmer (Chris Barrie), and the Cat (Danny John Jules), a life-form that has evolved from his cat.

The crew is joined in a later series by Kryten (Robert Llewellyn) and (later still) by Christine Kochanski (Chloe Annett).

To commemorate the twenty-first anniversary of the programme, a three-part special was made for transmission on the Dave satellite channel.

Series: 8
Episodes: 55
Transmitted: 1988-2009
Channel: BBC2 / Dave

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