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Episode Guide (Series 1)

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1: The End (15 Feb 88)

The Jupiter Mining Corporation ship Red Dwarf is busy mining the moons of Jupiter. Second Technician Dave Lister is on the carpet in front of the Captain, accused of smuggling a cat on board. When Dave refuses to tell the Captain where the cat is hidden, he's sentenced to spend the rest of the voyage in stasis.

When Lister is released from stasis by the ship's computer, Holly, he finds that three million years have passed. The rest of the crew were killed by a radiation leak and Holly kept him in stasis until the radiation level had dropped to a safe level.

Dave discovers that his only companions are a hologram of his least favourite crewmate, Arnold Rimmer, and a creature which has evolved from his cat.

Also appearing:
Robert Brathurst (Todhunter), Paul Bradley (Chen), David Gillespie (Selby), Clare Grogan (Kochanski), Mac McDonald (Captain Hollister), Robert McCulley (McIntyre), Mark Williams (Petersen)

2: Future Echoes (22 Feb 88)

Red Dwarf is approaching the speed of light, so the crew start to see 'echoes' of future events. Lister sees himself with two baby sons and Rimmer thinks he sees Lister die.

Also appearing:
Tony Hawks (Dispensing Machine), John Lenahan (Talkie Toaster)

3: Balance Of Power (29 Feb 88)

Dave Lister wants to have a date with Christine Kochanski. This means he'll have to switch Rimmer off for a while so that Holly can generate Kochanski's hologram. Rimmer refuses to cooperate, so Dave decides to work towards the chef's exams. If he passes, he'll be Rimmer's superior officer and Rimmer will have to let him have his date with Kochanski.

Also appearing:
Rupert Bates (Food Dispenser), Paul Bradley (Chen), David Gillespie (Selby), Clare Grogan (Kochanski), Mark Williams (Petersen)

4: Waiting For God (7 Mar 88)

Lister learns to read Cat writing and discovers that he became the Cat People's God while he was in stasis.

Also appearing:
Noel Coleman (Cat Priest), John Lenahan (Talkie Toaster)

5: Confidence & Paranoia (14 Mar 88)

Lister catches a mutated type of pneumonia. One of the strange symptoms of the illness is the fact that the sufferer has hallucinations which become real. When Lister recovers, he discovers that his confidence and his paranoia have materialised.

Also appearing:
Lee Cornes (Paranoia), Craig Ferguson (Confidence)

6: Me2 (21 Mar 88)

Rimmer has discovered a way of letting Holly maintain two holograms. Now there are two Rimmers, so they decide to share quarters. Dave Lister quickly comes to the conclusion that one of the holograms will have to go.

Also appearing:
Mac McDonald (Captain)

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