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Episode Guide (Series 4)

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1: The Parent Trap (5 Sep 94)

There's panic in the Porter household when a cockroach is spotted in the kitchen. Matters aren't improved when Jenny brings her boyfriend Clive's mother home unexpectedly. Bill and Ben are invited round for a meal. They take their hostess a box of chocolates Bill found in the freezer. It actually contains cockroaches which David has been breeding.

Next day, Clive's parents, both Catholics, pay the Porter's a visit and find them using kitchen knives to deflate a giant inflatable model of the Pope which Ben bought at a Car Boot Sale.

Also Appearing:
John Hug (Harry), Arbel Jones (Laura), Nathan Valente (Clive)

2: Family Plot (12 Sep 94)

The children are arguing about the TV and the stereo when the power fuse blows. Ben goes down to the cellar to replace the fuse. Bill hides the fusewire from him, puts it in an envelope and goes out to post it back to herself. Lack of TV is causing tension, so Ben decides to swap the lighting fuse for the power fuse. As a result, the whole house is plunged into darkness.

Meanwhile, Rona is still busy trying to have a baby. Bill phones her and asks her if she has a magnet. She meets Bill by the post box and they manage to fish out the envelope containing the fusewire. Returning home, Bill finds Ben in the loft, holding up a broken roof tie. The trapdoor jams and they both get trapped in the loft.

Ben persuades Bill to take his place so that he can open the trapdoor. He trips over the light, plunging them into darkness. Forcing open the trapdoor in the dark, he drops down and finds himself in the next door neighbours' bedroom.

Also Appearing:
Stanley Lloyd (Leonard Grimes)

3: Fortuosity (19 Sep 94)

Bill gets a chain letter which promises good luck if it's passed on and bad luck if not. Bill thinks it's a load of rubbish and tears it up.

Bill accuses Rona of sending the chain letter and they have a row. Ben wins an "adventure day out" in a radio phone-in competition. The "adventure" turns out to involve a parachute jump.

More copies of the chain letter are delivered and Bill tears them all up. Then she goes to see her only customer for a month and finds that he's just had a heart attack and died. When she gets home, she finds Tina waiting for her. Tina confesses that she was the one who sent the chain letters.

David tells Bill that Ben has gone skydiving. She gets Tina to drive her to the airport and finds Ben safe and sound after his parachute jump. A jeep, dropped on a parachute which fails to open, lands on Tina's car.

Bill wakes up and realises that it's all been a dream. When she goes downstairs, however, it looks as if the events she was dreaming about are beginning to happen in reality.

Also Appearing:
Idris Elba (Parachute Instructor), Valerie Hermanni (Mrs. Callaghan), Gerard O'Hare (Michael Callaghan), Len Trusty (Chauffeur)

4: Curiosity Killed The Cat (26 Sep 94)

Bill is ill in bed, wondering how the family is coping without her. The Grimes have gone on holiday, leaving Ben to look after their cat. When the cat goes missing, Ben has to track it down.

Also Appearing:
Peter Barnes (Gardener)

5: Frenzy (3 Oct 94)

The builders have finally finished remodelling Bill's kitchen. Jenny is having problems with a busty rival for stardom in the school show. Tony is beginning to tire of Rona's wierd ideas about improving the chances of conception. Bill visits Rona and they both get trapped by a pair of escaped cobras. They manage to escape, then Bill looks out of the window and sees that her house is on fire.

Also Appearing:
John Cater (Mr. Taverner), Jane Horn (Charlene), Nathan Valente (Clive)

6: You Only Live Twice (10 Oct 94)

The fire is out and the Porters are faced with the job of repairing and redecorating their home. Rona tries to persuade Tony to stay with her regardless of whether or not they succeed in having a baby.

Also Appearing:
Philip Childs (Firefighter Neil)

Relax-Ay-Voo (26 Dec 94)

Bill wants a quiet, uneventful Christmas for once, so she persuades the family to stay at home. David has connected his computer to the Internet and the Porters start getting strange electronic communications.

The programme ends with a fantasy sequence based around the song "Relax-ay-voo".

Also Appearing:
Jamie Leyser (Carol Singer), Michael Zimmerman (US Marine)