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Ben Porter (Gary Olsen) and his wife Bill (Belinda Lang) are, on the surface at least, a very average married couple with two children, Jenny (Claire Woodgate / Claire Buckfield) and David (John Pickard).

The events which they experience, however, are a long way from being ordinary everyday occurrences.

Ben runs his own plumbing business, with the help (or perhaps hindrance) of his assistant Christine (Kim Benson).

Initially, Bill works for a bakery, then for an airline catering firm. Later, after being made redundant, she sets up her own catering business with her friend Rona (Julia Hills), who lives over the road.

Other regular characters include Aunt Bette (Liz Smith), Aunt Belle (Liz Smith), Aunt Pearl (Barbara Lott), Ben's sister Tina (Sandra Dickinson) and his arch rival, Jake The Klingon (Roger Lloyd Pack).

Series: 8
Episodes: 57
Transmitted: 1991-1999
Channel: BBC1

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