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Episode Guide (Series 1)

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1: Leader Of The Pack (3 Sep 91)

Bill is worried about the fact that daughter Jenny has been skipping school to meet a boy. Bill has to visit the school to discuss the problem. Throughout the day, she keeps bumping into a mysterious young man on a motor-cycle.

Also Appearing:
Stephen Aintree (Clive), Keith Biset (Boyfriend), Owen Brenman (The Yuppy), John Cater (Mr. Taverner), Gwynne Davies (Robby), Brian Hall (Neighbor), Natasha Knight (Schoolgirl), Gareth Owen (Mr. Gorringe)

2: Saturday Night And Sunday Morning (10 Sep 91)

Ben insists on the family visiting his sister Tina for Sunday lunch. David takes a rat with him. When Tina discovers the rat, she slaps David. Bill storms out, taking David with her, and drives off in Ben's van. They're halfway home before David reminds her that she can't actually drive. The biker suddenly appears next to the van and tells her how to stop safely. After he's gone, Bill finds a note with a telephone number on it.

Also Appearing:
Patricia Brake (Aunt Tina), James Doherty (Builder), Nigel Gregory (Brian), Peter Hepplethwaite (Builder), Daniel John (Shane), Peter Jordan (Sven), Peter Terry (Bus Driver)

3: When The Going Gets Tough, The Tough Go Shopping (17 Sep 91)

Ben decides that a barbecue would be a good idea. It turns out to be a total disaster.

Ben tells Bill that he's had a letter from the Tax Office, insisting that he goes to see them. He's worried about it.

David uses the note Bill thinks is from the biker to make some papier mache for an enormous model dinosaur.

Bill is arrested as a suspeceted shoplifter.

Ben comes back from the Tax Office saying they've given him a tax rebate. It's revealed that the phone number was for one of Ben's customers.

Also Appearing:
David Kelly (Paddy), Deborah Norton (Martha Christie), Nina Wadia (Sharma), Andrew Watson (Security Guard)

4: Love And Marriage (24 Sep 91)

Bill's Mother Bette pays a visit, bringing chaos to the Porter household.

Ben meets an old girlfriend.

Bill rushes home from work early, thinking that Jenny and her boyfriend are alone in the house together. She hears noises upstairs and bursts into the bedroom to find Bette in bed with a gentleman friend.

Bill has a heart-to-heart talk with Jenny about relationships.

Also Appearing:
Sharon Duncan Brewster (Maureen), John Dryden (Bakery Customer), Natasha Knight (Sandra), Jill O'Hare (Bakery Customer), Julie Peasgood (Pauline), Leonard Webster (Bakery Customer)

5: Dirty Bowling (1 Oct 91)

Ben keeps disappearing and he won't tell Bill where he's going or what he's doing. Bill begins to think that he's having an affair.

At the baker's shop were they work, Bill and Rona are having problems with a new manager.

Bill has to take her driving test immediately after a visit to the dentists. She manages to pass. Ben takes her bowling to celebrate.

Rona tells Jenny about the day she almost got married. Ben reveals to Bill that he's been sneaking off every evening to work on an old Chevrolet which he's bought with his tax rebate.

Also Appearing:
Luke Branagan (Hunky Man), Andrew Joseph (Yob), David Kelly (Paddy), Stephen Lewis (Driving Instructor), Francis Maston (Rory Castell), Bazil Otoin (Evangelist), Jonathan Whaley (Evangelist)

6: Young At Heart (8 Oct 91)

Bill and Rona have further problems with the new manager at work. He suggests that life could be made much easier if Rona agrees to be "nice" to him. Bill and Rona resign, leaving the manager tied up naked in the shop window.

When Bill tells Ben that she's left her job, he offers to sell the Chevrolet. She persuades him to keep it and the family go out to take part in the Chelsea Car Cruise.

Also appearing:
Tim Bacon (Matt), Annette Badland (Dawn), Gabrielle Cowburn (Marie), Bill Gavin (Old Man), Jane Goddard (Mrs. Reynolds), Shiv Grewal (Bank Teller), Francis Maston (Rory Castell)

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