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Episode Guide (Series 2)

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1: I'm Going Slightly Mad (15 Sep 92)

Jenny is embarrased in front of one of her friends by Farty, a flatulent old Labrador dog belonging to the couple next door.

A phone call from Bette makes Bill late for an appointment at the Social Security Office. On the way there, her car breaks down. When she finally arrives, she has a humiliating interview with a bureaucrat. As she's leaving, she bumps into Jenny, who's with a group of schoolfriends. Jenny is embarrased again.

Bill and Rona find work making airline meals. Meanwhile, Ben meets his new assistant - an aggressive young girl named Christine. Bill falls asleep watching television. While she's sleeping, there's a news item about the death of a young biker.

Also Appearing:
Ray Boot (Window Cleaner), Jennifer Croxton (Crystal), Martino Lazzeri (Boy), Polly Maberley (Jackie), Felicity Montagu (Janice), Anneka Rice (Herself), Justin Rose (Garage Mechanic)

2: Bedtime For Bonzo (22 Sep 92)

Bill and Ben have agreed to look after the Grimes' old dog, Farty, while they're on holiday.

After being caught in the rain, Ben goes down with flu and proves to be a less than ideal patient. His condition isn't helped when Ben gives him some soluble aspirin intended for Farty.

Bill sleeps on the sofa in the living room to avoid disturbing Ben. She's woken by a violent thinderstorm. Next day, she discovers that she's the only person who seems to have heard the thunder.

Farty becomes ill and the vet recommends putting him to sleep. Bill reluctantly agrees. Meanwhile, David is becoming increasingly obsessed with death.

Also Appearing:
Timothy Bateson (Mr Podd), Oliver Pierre (Mr Parrot), Amanda Wise (Bea)

3: Hormones (29 Sep 92)

Bill thinks she's pregnant. She buys a pregnancy testing kit and hides it from the family. Jenny complains of sickness. Bill thinks she's malingering so that she doesn't have to attend games lessons.

Bill and Ben have to go to David's school for a Parents' Evening. On the way, Ben has a confrontation with another driver. Next morning, Bill discovers that the preganancy tester is missing and assumes that Jenny has used it. She convinces herself that Jenny is preganant. Rona persuades Jenny to admit to her mother that she has an eating disorder.

Ben challenges the driver he had problems with. When the driver arrives at the Porters' front door, Ben is ashamed to see that he's in a wheelchair. A race is arranged by Bill, with both men in wheelchairs. Ben loses. Afterwards, he tells Bill that he was the one who took the pregnancy testing kit. Apparently, it indicated that he's pregnant!

Also Appearing:
Mark Charnock (Duane), Nigel Gregory (Brian), Andrew Hall (Gordon), Don Henderson (Frank), Su Lin Looi (Darrani), Richard Syms (Mr Davies)

4: One Night In Bangkok (6 Oct 92)

David brings home a St Christopher medal which he found in a graveyard. Tina arrives to tell Ben that their father, Frank, who's been living in Thailand, is about to pay them a visit. Ben and his father have never got on well.

The family go to the airport to meet Frank's plane. He brings back a surprise - a young Thai girl who he introduces as his new wife. Bill and Rona are annoyed by the way Tina treats her new stepmother. They take the young Thai girl out with them to see some male strippers. Rona recognises one of the male strippers as Gordon, the man she almost married years before. She arranges a fitting revenge for Tina.

Meanwhile, Ben tries to improve his relationship with his father.

Also Appearing:
Richard Davies (Gareth), Peter Jordan (Sven), Pauline Melville (Babs), Mik Scarlet (Joss), Amanda Wise (Bea)

5: The Skeleton In The Cupboard (13 Oct 92)

David and Jenny argue over the St Christopher medal. Bill makes them leave it behind with her. Alone in the house, she gets the feeling that she's being watched.

Later, at work, Rona tells Bill that she's been seeing Gordon again. She's worried about the fact that he thinks she's still a virgin.

Back at home, Bill and Ben change places with Jenny and David, to show them how difficult it is running the home. The children banish their parents to their bedroom.

Rona is forced to tell Gordon the truth about her "past". Gordon asks her to marry him.

Bill gets a letter inviting her to a job interview. When she arrives at the interview, she finds a naked man waiting for her. It turns out that he's had a nervous breakdown and has been inviting people to interviews for non-existent jobs.

When Bill arrives back home, Rona tells her that AirMeals, the company they both work for, has gone bankrupt. They're both unemployed again. They decide to start their own catering business.

Bill once again gets the feeling that she's being secretly watched. It turns out to be Ben using his new camcorder.

Also Appearing:
Jay Alexander (Nightclub Pianist), Sarah Dangerfield (Julie), Sheridan Forbes (Cassie), Cate Fowler (Elizabeth), Andrew Hall (Gordon), Bryan Lawrence (Luke), Danny Swanson (Barman), Michael Troughton (Mr. Barstow)

6: Bird On A Wire (20 Oct 92)

It's Rona's wedding day. Rona's Aunt Pearl has taken charge of the arrangements.

Wearing her wedding dress, Rona tries to change a ligh bulb and gets suspended from the light fitting by her veil. Bill arrives and, getting no answer at the front door, sticks her head through the catflap. She gets stuck.

They're eventually rescued by a passer-by.

David becomes very ill and has to be rushed to hospital. Rona is left with no transport to the church.

Also Appearing:
Victor McGuire (Dr Phil Brooke), Sam Smart (Delivery Boy), Alec Wallis (Albert)

7: Thank Your Lucky Stars (27 Oct 92)

David has developed tetanus as a result of an infected cut. Bill and Ben are horrified to learn that he's been "lost" somewhere in the hospital.

Meanwhile, Rona catches a bus to the church for her wedding. A conversation with an old lady on the bus uinsettles her. Arriving at the church, she gets cold feet and bolts again.

At the hospital, the ghost of the biker appears to David and persuades him to return to his body and back to life. David recovers and the family celebrate by going for a drive in a monster truck.

Also Appearing:
Patsy Byrne (Peggy), Bradley Cole (Football Fan), Andrew Hall (Gordon), Jenny Lynch (Beth), Victor McGuire (Dr. Phil Brooke), Akemi Otani (Nurse), Timothy Page (Don), Julian Parkin (Junior Doctor)

Misery (22 Dec 92)

The Porter family visit Bette for Christmas, while Rona spends the holiday alone. Bette drives everyone mad. It's a relief when she goes into a trance caused by flashing Christmas tree lights.

The programme ends with a fantasy sequence featuring the song "Winter Wonderland"