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Episode Guide (Series 6)

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1: Stag Night (6 Nov 97)

Dorothy decides that it's time Gary showed "real committment" by marrying her. Gary (reluctantly) agrees, though he suggests that buying a dog together might be an alternative. Gary and Tony set out to celebrate Gary's stag night.

2: Wedding (13 Nov 97)

The day of Gary and Dorothy's wedding arrives and both of them are having second thoughts. Tony, however, is "on a promise" if the wedding goes ahead.

3: Jealousy (20 Nov 97)

Gary and Dorothy and Tony and Deborah spend a weekend in a caravan out in the country. Tony becomes obsessively jealous when he thinks that Deborah fancies another man. Gary is trying to give up smoking.

4: Watching TV (27 Nov 97)

Gary, Dorothy, Tony and Deborah spend an evening watching television. At least, Tony tries to watch television. The other three seem hell bent on making Tony look like an idiot.

5: Ten (4 Dec 97)

Dorothy talks Gary into seeing a relationship counsellor. Tony tries to talk Deborah into making love in unusual places. He also has to try to make a good impression on Deborah's mother.

6: Sofa (11 Dec 97)

Dorothy talks Gary into getting rid of his 25-year-old sofa. Gary reminisces about the events his sofa has 'witnessed'.

Jingle B***s! (25 Dec 97)

Gary is organising Christmas for Dorothy, Tony and Deborah. His idea of organisation involves useless presents and a disastrous Christmas dinner. Everyone dreams of a 'real' Christmas.

Performance (25 Dec 98)

Gary and Dorothy decide that they want a baby.

Gary In Love (26 Dec 98)

Gary is off to Worthing on business. Dorothy, Tony and Deborah decide to go along for the ride. Gary finds himself in love.

Delivery (28 Dec 98)

Tony starts a new job as a postman. Gary is about to lose his job because his office is being closed down. Dorothy is worried about having the baby.

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