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Episode Guide (Series 2)

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1: Gary And Tony (8 Sep 92)

Dermot has left the flat and gone abroad. Gary advertises for a new lodger. After interviewing a string of very strange applicants, Gary offfers the room to Tony. Anthea asks Gary for a pay rise and gets locked in the stationery cupboard.

2: Rent Boy (15 Sep 92)

Gary begins to suspect that Tony is gay. Tony tries to impress Deborah by pretending that he can speak German. When she gets a letter from a German customer, Deborah asks Tony to translate it for her.

3: How To Dump Your Girlfriend (22 Sep 92)

Tony decides that his girlfriend is getting too serious, so he sets about finding a way of dumping her without having to tell her face to face. Deborah is ill, so Tony decides to look after her.

4: Troublesome 12-Inch (29 Sep 92)

Tony tells Gary that one of Dorothy's LP records is a collectors' item worth 200 pounds. It's a 'rare' pressing on green vinyl. Gary asks Tony to sell it. When Dorothy wants to know what's happened to it, Gary tries to get a replacement. The new LP is black, so Gary tries to paint it green. He has to pay Dorothy 200 pounds. Then Tony tells him that there was a misprint in the catalogue - the green LP was only worth a few pounds.

5: Going Nowhere (6 Oct 92)

Tony has bought an old van. He equips it with an electric blanket and looks forward to a bit of mobile seduction. Gary and Deborah are trapped in a lift together.

6: People Behaving Irritatingly (13 Oct 92)

Tony's brother has come to stay, bringing his dreadful girlfriend with him. Gary ends up wanting to kill both of them. Then he finds out that her parents have a holiday villa which might be available for a free holiday. That means that he'll have to be nice to them.

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