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Episode Guide (Series 4)

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1: Babies (25 May 95)

Gary and Dorothy think they might have a baby. Then Dorothy begins to wonder whether Gary is mature enough to be a father. Deborah leaves her keys with Tony so that he can let the gas engineer in to service her boiler. Tony can't resist the chance to have a peep in Deborah's underwear drawer, with disastrous consequences.

2: Infidelity (1 Jun 95)

Gary suspects Dorothy of "playing around". He goes to great lengths to confirm his suspicions. Deborah tells Tony that she prefers people who help others, so he tries to become a Samaritan.

3: Pornography (8 Jun 95)

Tony's new girlfriend tells him that he'll have to get rid of his collection of soft porn magazines or she'll leave him. Gary organises a dinner party which proves to be a total disaster.

4: Three Girlfriends (22 Jun 95)

Tony has three girlfriends at the same time and he's finding it difficult to keep them apart. He's also making Gary very jealous. Gary's dad has come to stay. Gary has to find a partner to take to a party.

5: Drunk (29 Jun 95)

Gary is supposed to be having a romantic meal with Dorothy, but he gets held up in the pub with Tony. Then Les announces a "Beers of the World" promotion and Gary and Tony have to help with the tasting.

6: In Bed With Dorothy (6 Jul 95)

Dorothy has had an operation to remove her appendix. Gary insists that she stays with him so that he can look after her. He isn't happy when she shows no interest in having sex with him. Tony is discovered wearing spectacles.

7: Playing Away (13 Jul 95)

Gary and Deborah have gone away on a weekend writing course. Tony has toothache but can't face a trip to the dentist. He decides on a 'do-it-yourself' extraction and ends up in great pain. He calls Dorothy at the hospital and she comes round to help him. They end up in bed together.

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