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Episode Guide (Series 1)

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1: Intruders (18 Feb 92)

Gary owns a flat and needs a lodger to help pay the mortgage. Unfortunately, he's got Dermot as a lodger and he's no help at all. Gary wants to leave his girlfriend, Dorothy, but she decides to leave him first. A young woman named Deborah moves into the flat upstairs and Dermot immediately decides he's in love with her. The feeling isn't mutual.

2: The Bet (25 Feb 92)

Gary and Dermot play chess to decide who will win an evening of pleasure.

3: Alarms And Setbacks (3 Mar 92)

Gary tries to impress Deborah by installing a burglar alarm.

4: Animals (10 Mar 92)

Gary suggests to Dorothy that they should have an "open relationship". Much to his surprise, she agrees. Dermot makes greater efforts to get somewhere with Deborah.

5: Sex And Violence (17 Mar 92)

Dermot organises a romantic dinner for Deborah.

6: My Brilliant Career (24 Mar 92)

Dermot loses his job after he dangles a customer by the ankles. Gary thinks that he's been offered a new job. He takes his staff out to dinner so that he can tell them that he's leaving.

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