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Episode Guide (Series 3)

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1: Lovers (1 Jul 94)

Deborah has split up with her boyfriend, so Tony thinks he's "in with a chance". Gary is upset when he discovers that he's had well below the average number of sexual partners for a man of his age. He goes to great lengths to prove to Dorothy that he's VERY experienced.

2: Bed (8 Jul 94)

It's a wild and stormy night. Deborah has digestive problems after eating one of Gary's Indian meals. She sends Gary out into the night to look for an indigestion remedy. Deborah can't sleep because the garden fence is flapping about in the wind. She sends Tony out to fix it.

3: Casualties (15 Jul 94)

Deborah has become very depressed, so she decides to sell her flat and leave the country. Gary and Tony try to prevent her from leaving. They do everything they can think of to convince potential buyers that her flat isn't a good investment.

4: Weekend (22 Jul 94)

Gary and Dorothy compare fantasies. Tony gets a job as a barman, working for Les.

5: Cleaning Lady (29 Jul 94)

Dorothy is fed up with the dirty state of Gary's flat. She orders him to hire a cleaner. Gary agrees, reluctantly. Then he becomes obsessed with his new cleaning lady. Tony loses his job at the pub when Les's brother comes to stay. Tony finds a new job as a male model.

6: Marriage (5 Aug 94)

Gary takes Dorothy to the "Pasta Pig" for a romantic meal. Carried away by the wine and the atmosphere, he forgets himself and proposes. Dorothy accepts. Next morning, Gary has second thoughts. How can he escape marriage? Meanwhile, Tony resorts to bugging Deborah's flat in an attempt to find out what she sees in her new estate agent boyfriend.

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