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Episode Guide (Series 6)

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1: Back With A Bang (27 Feb 96)

Brittas returns to work after his accident.

Helen received payment on Gordon's life insurance policy when he was assumed to be dead. She has spent most of the money on on a Rolls Royce and lost the rest gambling. She had a breakdown and was sent to a psychiatric clinic. She has now escaped and has returned to Whitbury.

Gordon's luggage arrives back from Switzerland. There's an unexploded bomb in the box which is supposed to contain his croquet set. Gavin and Tim put the box in the boot of Helen's Rolls Royce. The bomb explodes, destroying the car.

Written by: Ian Davidson & Peter Vincent

2: Body Language (12 Mar 96)

Colin becomes convinced that alien body snatchers have infiltrated the leisure centre.

Written by: Tony Millan & Mike Walling

3: At The Double (26 Mar 96)

The Ruthenian State Circus is visiting Whitbury. Vlad, one of the performers, is Gordon's double. He has a habit of chatting up women. Everyone thinks that Gordon is the one who is trying to seduce every woman he meets.

Written by: Ian Davidson & Peter Vincent

4: A Walk On The Wildside (2 Apr 96)

Gordon is busy compiling fifty "interesting" new walks around Whitbury, as part of a Common Market initiative.

Written by: Tony Millan & Mike Walling

5: We All Fall Down (9 Apr 96)

Gordon is organising Whitbury's "Week of Peace and Hunger". The idea is to promote world peace and plenty, but the only tangible result is the electrocution of half of the town's children.

Written by: Ian Davidson

6: Mr Brittas Falls in Love (16 Apr 96)

On a tour of European leisure centres, Gordon falls in love with the idea of swimming with dolphins.

He organises a "Dolphin Day", during which the people of Whitbury will be able to share the pool with a dolphin supplied by a local aquarium.

Tim, who is looking after the canteen while the Catering Manager is away, decides to put shark on the menu as a "special treat" on Dolphin Day. He asks Julie to phone the fishmonger to place the necessary order. She dials the aquarium by mistake and, as a result, the people of Whitbury find a shark in the pool instead of a dolphin. Meanwhile, Tim has been kidnapped by a group of animal rights campaigners.

Written by: Terry Kyan

7: Snap Happy (23 Apr 96)

Gordon has arranged for a staff photograph to be taken. He keeps postponing the photograph session, however, because he's waiting for the sun to come out.

Gordon has applied to English national Heritage for the leisure centre to be made a listed building. An inspector calls and tries to explain to Brittas that the building doesn't merit listed status. He points out, however, that there is an old air-raid shelter behind the centre which probably would qualify for listed building status. Unfortunately, Gordon has arranged for the shelter to be demolished.

Helen has decided to try a parachute jump. She jumps out of the plane too early and lands just outside the leisure centre as the photograph is finally being taken. At that precise moment, the demolition men blow up the old air-raid shelter.

Written by: Paul Smith

Surviving Christmas (24 Dec 96)

Brittas decides to take the staff on a survival course during the Christmas break. Before setting off, he gives Santa Claus the sack. Helen tries to kill Carole, because she thinks she's having an affir with Brittas. The disgruntled ex-Santa, meanwhile, tries to murder Brittas.

Written by: Tony Millan, Mike Walling

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