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Episode Guide (Series 1)

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1: Laying The Foundations (3 Jan 91)

Gordon Brittas arrives at Whitbury Leisure Centre for his first day as manager.

He quickly succeeds in provoking the builders into taking strike action. He also annoys his staff so much that half of them resign, one tries to electrocute himself and another tries to kill Brittas with a table tennis table.

At the end of the day, Brittas has an unusual problem with his car.

2: Opening Day (10 Jan 91)

Whitbury New Town Leisure Centre is about to open to the public.

The entrance doors are on the blink, the pool is leaking and the heating system has gone haywire.

Thanks to Gordon's attempts to sort out the problems, the staff end up trapped inside the Leisure Centre, while the Duchess of Kent is left outside, waiting to open the Centre.

3: Bye Bye Baby (17 Jan 91)

Carole gets a phone call from her estranged huband. He tells her that he's decided to come home.

A woman loses her baby. Brittas finds it and assumes that it's Carole's baby.

Carole isn't in Reception when her husband arrives at the Leisure Centre. Brittas shows him the child he mistakenly believes to be Carole's. Unfortunately, the baby in question is Black, so Carole's husband jumps to the obvious conclusion and storms off.

Meanwhile, Carole can't find her real baby. She assumes that Brittas has taken it, so she goes looking for him, brandishing an axe.

4: Underwater Wedding (24 Jan 91)

During an underwater wedding in the main swimming pool, the best man gets trapped at the bottom of the pool. Then there's a drunk in an electric wheelchair racing along the corridors. And someone has shot Gavin with a harpoon. To add to the general chaos, the Leisure Centre is filled with chlorine gas.

5: Stop Thief! (7 Feb 91)

There's an outbreak of petty pilfering at the Leisure Centre and Brittas is determined to track down the culprit. He comes up with various schemes involving questionnaires, powder that glows under ultraviolet light and Colin hiding in a locker.

6: Assassin (14 Feb 91)

Attendance figures for the Leisure Centre are far too low. Brittas has some wild schemes to improve the situation. Meanwhile, he's being stalked by a killer. He's lured onto the Leisure Centre roof by a fake suicide attempt, but it's the would-be killer who goes over the edge. Going home that evening, Gordon is knocked down by a treacle lorry and ends up in intensive care.

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