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Episode Guide (Series 4)

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1: Not A Good Day ... (10 Jan 94)

It's Life Cycle Week and the Leisure Centre has a special guest - Sebastian Coe, MP. He ends up being chained to the railings by mistake. Meanwhile, the Classical War Society is re-enacting a battle on the playing fields. The small son of one of the comabatants is wandering about the Centre on his own, so Brittas 'arrests' him. The members of Classical War Society attack the Centre in a 'rescue bid'. Chaos reigns supreme, as usual.

2: The Christening (17 Jan 94)

The Brittas twins are about to be christening and Brittas has taken charge of the arrangements. The ceremony is to be conducted by Horatio Brittas. His fiancee, Phillipa, accuses Helen of being a "bad mother", just because she has 'lost' the twins en route to the Leisure Centre.

3: Biggles Tells A Lie (24 Jan 94)

Colin wants to impress his long-lost daughter Stephanie, so he pretends to be the Manager of the Leisure Centre. He also manages to clean himself up somewhat. Brittas is away on a sailing trip, but returns unexpectedly. Colin is afraid that Gordon will ruin his plan to impress Stephanie. Carole doesn't want Brittas to find out about the kitten she's hidden away in the Centre. Helen is afraid that Brittas will find out that a sleazy magazine has published a 'naughty' photograph of her.

4: Mr Brittas Changes Trains (31 Jan 94)

Brittas wants to become the British representative on the European Leisure Industry Standards Committee. He has to host a dinner party as part of his plan to get the job. Helen is suffering from the effects of stress, so Brittas persuades Laura to take her place. A stage hypnotist tries to make Helen relax, but manages to hypnotise Brittas instead.

5: Playing With Fire (7 Feb 94)

Gavin hasn't seen his fiancee Jenny for five years. She's been in a mental hospital as a result of her compulsion to set fire to things. When she turns up at the Centre unexpectedly, it quickly becomes apparent that she hasn't been cured.

6: Shall We Dance? (14 Feb 94)

It's almost time for the annual Southern Area Leisure Centre Gala Dance, and everyone is having problems finding a suitable partner. Helen is away in Cornwall, so Brittas decides to take Laura. This lends apparent credence to persistent rumours that there's "something going on" between them. Then Laura's ex-husband, now penniless, decides to pay another visit.

7: The Chop (28 Feb 94)

Brittas is threathened with the sack when Councillor Drugget discovers that three hundred pounds is missing from Centre funds. Helen has borrowed the money to buy a dog. Councillor Drugget threatens to send for the police unless Brittas resigns.

8: High Noon (7 Mar 94)

Brittas has found a new job, working in a petrol station. He pays a visit to the Centre to say goodbye to the staff. While he's there, he causes a gas leak and the Centre goes up in flames. As the building burns, it's discovered that Brittas was down in the basement.

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