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Episode Guide (Series 2)

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1: Back From The Dead (2 Jan 92)

Gordon Brittas is away at a management conference in Bulgaria. When the remains of a body is found in a steel press, it's assumed to be Brittas. In reality, Brittas has spent eight days trapped in a chicken coop after being robbed of his clothes and belongings.

Gordon returns to the Leisure Centre, where he is mistaken for a ghost. Colin tells everyone that the disembodied spirit of Gordon Britta is wandering around the Centre, looking for a body to take over.

Carole convinces herself that the "ghost" is after her baby. She tries to kill Brittas with a mechanical digger.

Brittas returns home just as his wife Helen is preparing to marry someone she met a few days earlier.

2: Temple Of The Body (9 Jan 92)

Brittas is convinced that some of the staff are using the Leisure Centre for sexual liaisons after closing time. He sets out to gather evidence by drilling a spy hole in his office floor.

3: An Inspector Calls (16 Jan 92)

The Leisure Centre is about to have a visit from an inspector. Brittas has problems with dead birds. He also upsets Helen by giving her a birthday present she doesn't want. She contemplates leaving him.

4: Set In Concrete (23 Jan 92)

Brittas upsets some builders and ends up stuck in his office with his feet set in concrete. He calls in a specialist to check the Leisure Centre for "Sick Building Syndrome", but the specialist decides that it isn't the building that's sick.

5: Mums And Dads (30 Jan 92)

Brittas is expecting delivery of a couple of pianos. His father is bringing round an old upright piano for Gordon. Meanwhile a concert grand piano is being delivered ready for a recital that evening. As usual, things don't go exactly according to plan.

6: Safety First (13 Feb 92)

A fire drill bring complete chaos to the Leisure Centre. Helen is planning a picnic lunch for Gordon and herself. He gets continually delayed by one crisis after another, while she becomes more and more annoyed. Then a fire breaks out ...

7: New Generations (20 Feb 92)

A cow ends up giving birth in one of the Leisure Centre's squash courts, while Carole does likewise in the sauna.

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