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Episode Guide (Series 3)

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1: The Trial (7 Jan 93)

Gordon Brittas is facing trial, charged with assault, possession of drugs and murder. His defence is based on a convoluted story involving superglue, toilets, men from the Mafia and a rogue chain saw.

2: That Creeping Feeling (14 Jan 93)

One of Gordon's many enemies sends him a parcel from South America. When he opens it, he finds nothing but leaves. Meanwhile, the venomous spider that was also in the parcel is roaming the Leisure Centre. The entire staff are refusing to speak to Brittas, so he knows nothing about the spider's activities.

3: Laura's Leaving (21 Jan 93)

Brittas has organised a conference for leisure centre managers. Laura has applied for a job elsewhere. Helen has premonitions of disaster.

4: Two Little Boys (28 Jan 93)

Brittas is organising a celebration of the Leisure Centre's second birthday. When the central heating oil tank springs a leak, Gordon gets everyone to collect oil in whatever containers they can find. The filled containers are all put into an 'unused' room, along with the fireworks for the birthday celebrations. Later, when the fire eater needs somewhere to practice, where can he go? ...

5: Sex, Lies and Red Tape (4 Feb 93)

Laura has a visit from her estranged husband, Michael T. Farrell - an American who may be the heir to a fortune. He wants to be reconciled with Laura so that he can take her back to the USA. She's not keen on the idea. Meanwhile, Farrell wins the rest of the staff over with promises of financial help.

6: The Stuff of Dreams (11 Feb 93)

Brittas has a dream - of the ordinary, while sleeping, kind. Helen is about to give birth. She doesn't trust Gordon to drive her to the hospital. She's afraid that the baby will arrive somewhere strange before they reach the delivery room.

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