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Episode Guide (Series 9)

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1: Time To Settle Down (7 Jul 02)

Alistair decides that it's time he settled down, so he proposes to Judith once again.

Sandy's boy friend harry tells her that he's been offered a new job. The problem is - it's an attachment with the Royal Canadian Mounted Police. Sandy isn't sure what difference this will make to their relationship.

2: Wedding Plans (14 Jul 02)

Judith has accepted Alistair's proposal and plans are made for the wedding.

Judith wants a country wedding, so arrangements are made to hold the event at the house in the country. Rocky and Mrs Bale start making preparations.

Jean is told by her sister-in-law Penny that Stephen is to be awarded an OBE "for servises to dentistry".

3: The Wedding (21 Jul 02)

The day of Judith and Alistair's wedding is nearly here.

There's a major hitch when the best man breaks his leg. Rocky agrees to take over the best man's duties.

The big day finally dawns and everything goes well.

4: What Now? (4 Aug 02)

Judith and Alistair have gone away on their honeymoon.

Jean is busy trying to bring Sandy and Harry together.

Jean considers offering Sandy the job of office manager but has to change her plans when Harry finally proposes and Sandy accepts.

Jean befriends a young back-packer who was found sitting on their doorstep.

You Must Remember This (Compilation) (11 Aug 02)

Lionel and Jean reminisce about everything that's happened since their reunion.

A collection of clips from earlier episodes, with a linking commentary by Judi Dench and Geoffrey Palmer.

Reunion Special 1 (26 Dec 05)

Lionel is surprised when two men arrive at the front door with a delivery of two cots. Jean tells him that she ordered them "for Jusy and Sandy's babies". This confuses Lionel, since neither of the two women are pregnant. Jean says that she's making preparations "just in case".

Next day, Harry and Sandy arrive back from a year in Canada. Later, Jean finds Sandy crying and learns that she's upset because Harry has volunteered for training with an armed response unit.

Judy and Alistair pay a visit and everyone tries to talk Harry out of his decision to start firearms training. They are unsuccessful but Harry later finds out that he's been turned down.

Sandy discovers that she's preganant.

Jean is amazed and startled when a young black man arrives at the front door and says that he's come to visit his "father", Lionel.

Reunion Special 2 (30 Dec 05)

Harry and Sandy are still staying with Jean and Lionel. They arrive back from a walk and are hurried into the kitchen by Jean. She tells them that a young man has arrived from Kenya looking for his "father", Lionel.

Later, Jean talks to Patrick, the young man from Kenya. He tells her that he has three brothers and two sisters. Jean thinks that they are all Lionel's offspring.

Jean later discovers that Patrick and his siblings are the children of a man who worked on Lionel's coffee plantation in Kenya. When their father died, Lionel made sure that the children and their mother were well looked after. They all called Lionel "father" because they respected him so much.

Later, Jean gets a phone call to say that Rocky has been taken to hospital. He had a "funny turn" during a line dancing class. Lionel and Jean rush off to visit him.

While they are at the hospital, Penny and Stephen are brought into the emergency department, both suffering from minor injuries sustained when Stephen tried to vault over a barrier at a film premiere.