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Episode Guide (Series 2)

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1: White Hunter (10 Jan 93)

Alistair decides that Lionel's book needs a suitable portrait of the author on the cover. Unfortunately, Alistair's idea of 'suitable' involves dressing Lionel up as a white hunter. And then there's Alistair's other little 'surprise' ...

2: A Weekend Away (17 Jan 93)

Judith decides to go away for the weekend, leaving her mother alone in the house. When Lionel tells her that Alistair is also going away for the weekend, Jean assumes that he's going away with Judith. Jean tells Lionel that she won't be able to see him because she's working all week-end. Lionel , however, has other ideas ...

3: Visiting Rocky (24 Jan 93)

Lionel is going to visit his father, Rocky, who's planning to marry again. He asks Jean to go with him. Rocky lives in in Hampshire, in a large house filled with jukeboxes, rock and roll memorabilia and motorcycle parts. He asks Jean to be a bridesmaid at his wedding.

4: Why? (31 Jan 93)

Alistair is 'grooming' Lionel for the launch of 'My Life In Kenya'. Lionel and Jean go shopping to look for a suitable outfit for Lionel to wear at the book launch. Lionel is beginning to wonder why Alistair is going to so much trouble to promote the book. Alistair explains.

5: Misunderstandings (7 Feb 93)

Jean is visiting her sister-in-law Penny and invites Lionel to go with her. Jean doesn't want Penny to know about her earlier relationship with Lionel, so she pretends that they've only known each other for a few months. She also tells Penny that Lionel is a psychiatrist. This leads to a series of misunderstandings. Penny gets the impression that Jean and Lionel are an 'item', so she arranges for them to share a bedroom ...

6: The Cruise (14 Feb 93)

Lionel is offered a free cruise as part of the promotion of his book. He asks Jean to accompany him, but she's offended by the way he words his invitation.

7: The Book Signing (21 Feb 93)

Alistair has arranged a book-signing for Lionel, who is surprised to find a crowd waiting to buy his book. Then he discovers that the 'crowd' have all been hired by Alistair. Jean, Judith and Sandy are busy phoning all of their friends and acquaintances, persuading them to buy Lionel's book. Alistair wants some more publicity for the book and decides that, since the book is dedicated to 'Pooh', he'll start a 'Who is Pooh and were is she now?' campaign. Pooh is Lionel's pet name for Jean, so Alistair has to talk her into cooperating.

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