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Episode Guide (Series 3)

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1: We'll Always Have Paris (2 Jan 94)

Lionel and Jean are in Paris for a romantic holiday. They meet a young couple and find themselves involved in a lovers' tiff.

2: Rocky's Wedding Day (9 Jan 94)

Rocky and Madge are getting married. Jean is one of the bridesmaids and Lionel is to give the bride away. Things don't work out quite as planned and Lionel ends up as Best Man.

3: Living Together, But Where? (16 Jan 94)

Lionel and Jean decide to live together. Jean thinks that Lionel is moving into her house, while Lionel thinks that Jean is moving into his flat. While Judy and Alistair try to sort out the confusion, Jean and Lionel visit one another. Lionel gets arrested for "behaving suspiciously" outside Jean's house.

4: Covering Up (23 Jan 94)

Jean and Lionel still can't agree about where they should live, so they're still apart. When Penny announces that she and her husband have decided to visit the 'lovebirds', Jean has to organise a 'cover up'.

5: Moving In (30 Jan 94)

Lionel finally agrees to move in with Jean. Alistair and Sandy help with the move. Lionel and Jean have difficulty adjusting to their new living arrangements.

6: Branching Out (6 Feb 94)

Jean has decided to open a new branch of her secretarial agency. Judith and Sandy have conflicting ideas about who should manage the new branch. Jean is worried about Lionel's work. Alistair reveals that Lionel is keeping a secret.

7: The Mini Series (13 Feb 94)

Jean is interviewing a candidate for the job of manager of the new branch of her secretarial agency.

Alistair comes back from a trip to Los Angeles and tells Lionel that an American television company wants to make a mini-series based on Jean and Lionel's romance in the early fifties.

Lionel has to write a "treatment" for the TV company to consider and he has very little time to produce it. He manages to finish it and goes round to Jean's office to get some photocopies made. Everyone's busy, so :Lionel has to make the copies himself. Unfortunately, he mistakes the shredder for the photocopies.

In spite of his mishap, the US television company decides to take the idea of a mini-series further. Lionel and Jean set off on a trip to Los Angeles.

8: A Trip To Los Angeles (20 Feb 94)

Lionel and Jean are in Los Angeles to discuss the idea of making a mini-series based on their youthful love affair. Jean becomes worried about Lionel's attitude to the project.

9: Dealing With Sally (27 Feb 94)

Jean and Lionel return from the United States. Jean goes back to work to find that Judith and Sandy are unhappy with Sally, the manager of the new branch. Jean decides to put Sally in her place, but ends up making a mess of it.

10: Problems, Problems (6 Mar 94)

Discussions about the mini-series continue. Jean and Lionel aren't too happy about the way the project is developing. Jean organises a new secretary for Lionel. Rocky and Madge end up in hospital after a canoing accident.