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Episode Guide (Series 1)

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1: You Must Remember This (12 Jan 92)

Lionel and Jean meet again after not seeing one another for 38 years. They'd been in love in the early fifties, when he was a young army officer and she was a nurse. He was sent to Korea and they lost touch. Jean is now a widow who runs a secretarial agency and Lionel is a divorced ex-coffee-planter who has been living in Kenya. He's returned to England to write his autobiography, My Life in Kenya. Can they get together again after such a long time apart?

2: Getting To Know You - Again (19 Jan 92)

38 years earlier, Lionel and Jean were young and very much in love, but a lot of water has flowed under the bridge since then. There's some doubt if they can even be friends - any thought of renewing their romance seems absurd. When Lionel checks out of his hotel without telling Jean where he is going, it looks as if they won't even be keeping in touch.

3: The Copper Kettle (26 Jan 92)

Jean and Lionel seem to have become friends again, but things are still not easy between them. Perhaps visiting old haunts will help?

4: Surprise, Surprise (2 Feb 92)

Lionel is staying in Norwich, where he's booked to give a lecture. Jean's daughter, Judith, persuades her mother to pay him a surprise visit. It's Jean who gets a surprise!

5: Relationships (9 Feb 92)

After discovering Lionel with another woman, Jean is giving him the cold shoulder. Alistair, Lionel's publisher, shows an interest in Jean, while Judith becomes very interested in Lionel.

6: The Picnic (16 Feb 92)

Judith is still keen on Lionel and Alistair is still keen on Jean. The objects of their attention are flattered to begin with, but decide eventually that things can't continue as they are. Jean persuades Lionel to invite Judith to a picnic with her and Alistair, hoping that Judith and Alistair will become interested in one another.

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