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Episode Guide (Series 6)

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1: The Stalker (18 May 97)

Sandy is being followed home at night by a strange man. Lionel's attempts to protect Sandy and Judith prove to be less than successful. Alistair calls in a shady character called 'Nails' to sort out the stalker, who turns out to be just a teenager besotted with Sandy.

2: The Psychotherapist (25 May 97)

Judith and Sandy are upset because Jean has started bringing work home from the office - they think she's 'checking up' on them. Alistair tries (unsuccessfully) to persuade Lionel to write another book. Jean makes an appointment to see a psychotherapist. She wants to 'give up work' but she doesn't want to 'retire'...

3: The Dinner Party (1 Jun 97)

Jean is worried about the latest man in Judith's life. Sandy is having problems with a boyfriend.

Jean and Lionel hold a dinner party for Penny and Stephen. Jean doesn't want Penny to know about her retirement plans, so Lionel has to steer the dinner party conversation away from personal matters.

4: What's Wrong With Mrs Bale? (8 Jun 97)

Jean and Lionel pay a visit to Rocky's house in the country. They find Mrs Bale, the housekeeper, in a very strange mood. Jean wants to know what's upsetting her and suggests that Lionel has a 'heart to heart' with Mrs Bale. Lionel, however, is taken ill. He isn't too keen on the remedies suggested by Mrs Bale and others. After a visit from a doctor with a strange bedside manner, the reason for Mrs Bale's odd mood is revealed.

5: Alistair's Engagement (15 Jun 97)

Jean and Lionel arrive back at their London home to find an unexpected guest - Judith's boyfriend, Paul. Jean isn't entirely happy about this relationship. She'd be much happier if Judith and Alistair got together. She's shocked when Alistair announces that he's become engaged to a girl named Mercury.

Alistair invites everyone to dinner so that they can meet his new fiancee. The evening brings an encounter with a 'plain girl' and the end of a relationship.

6: The House Next Door (22 Jun 97)

Jean, Lionel, Judith and Sandy are spending an evening at home when they are disturbed by noises from the empty house next door.

Lionel calls the police, but it turns out to be their ex-neighbour, who's collecting some boxes he had left behind. Sandy is 'elected' to deal with the young policeman who turns up to investigate. He invites her to go ice-skating.

Penny and Stephen pay a visit, horrifying Jean and Lionel by saying that they're thinking of buying the house next door. Alistair has a plan to prevent them from buying the house. But is it fair and can it succeed? Matters are finally resolved by help from an unexpected quarter.

7: A Surprise For Jean (29 Jun 97)

Jean decides that her life is too dull and predictable. She says that she wants Lionel to surprise her. Alistair hears about this and suggests to Lionel that a surprise trip to Barbados might do the trick. Actually springing the surprise on Jean proves to be much more difficult than Lionel anticipated.