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Episode Guide (Series 7)

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1: A Quiet Honeymoon (5 Jan 91)

The flying bed lands in the town square when the helium runs out. Fanny and Monsieur Leclerc are arrested. The couple are released using forge papers. When the Germans discover the forgery, Fanny and Le Clerc hide at the cafe. They end up trapped inside a spring-loaded bed which hinges up into an alcove.

2: An Almighty Bang (12 Jan 91)

General Von Flockenstuffen has come up with an outrageous plan to kidnap Winston Churchill. Colonel Von Strohm, Lieutenant Gruber and Captain Bertorelli find themselves assigned to a suicide squad.

Fanny and Monsieur Le Clerc are freed from their bed using dynanmite candles supplied by the resistance. General Von Flockenstuffen insists on going down into the cafe cellar, taking one of the dynamite candles with him. He gets blown up by the candle. Meanwhile, Helga and Captain Bertorelli have helped General Von Klinkerhoffen to escape from the 'fruitcake ward'.

3: Fleeing Monks (19 Jan 91)

The Germans plan to present Rene with a Collaboration Medal, so the Communist Resistance have sentenced him to death. He decides to elope with Yvette.

The airmen are to be taken to a monastery, where they'll take off for England in a small plane.

Herr Flick and Von Smallhausen hear of the plan and go to the monastery, where they disguise themselves as monks.

Rene and Edith end up on the plane for England instead of the airmen.

4: Up The Crick Without A Piddle (26 Jan 91)

Rene and Edith land in England, where they meet up again with Hans Geering, who has taken British citizenship and is now working for British Intelligence. Later, they are taken to see Winston Churchill, who gives them medals.

Edith wants to return home. Rene goes along on the plane journey, planning to say goodbye to Edith and return to England. As the plane flies over Nouvion, Rene and Edith fall through the open bomb doors and find themselves back at the cafe.

5: The Gestapo Ruins A Picnic (2 Feb 91)

The airmen are smuggled out of the monastery in sacks of potatoes.

Michelle comes up with a new escape plan which involves building a raft out of telegraph poles.

General Von Klinkerhoffen decides to restart the local newspaper. Rene and Monsieur Alphonse are ordered to organise it.

6: The Spirit Of Nouvion (9 Feb 91)

The Germans have found out about the telegraph pole escape plan, so the Resistance plan to use wine barrels instead.

Michelle decides to steal the painting of the 'Fallen Maddona' from Herr Flick so that it can be sold to raise funds for the Resistance.

The local newspaper is running a 'Spirit of Nouvion' contest. Rene and company tunnel into Herr Flick's office just as Colonel Von Strohm, Lieutenant Gruber and Captain Bertorelli break in.

Rene gets covered in flour and Gruber thinks he's being haunted by Rene's dead 'twin brother' again. The Germans run away and Rene steals the painting. Edith blackmails him into announcing her as the winner of the 'Spirit of Nouvion' contest.

7: Leg It To Spain! (16 Feb 91)

The barrels which are to be used in the latest escape plan are hidden in the cellar of the Cafe Rene.

Rene has to give the painting of the 'Fallen Madonna' to Colonel Vom Strohm. The painting then falls into the hands of General Von Klinkerhoffen. The General decides to have his photograph taken at the cafe so that it can be published in the newspaper. He asks to see the wine cellar. When he finds two large wine barrels, he orders them to be taken to his chateau. The airmen are hiding inside the barrels.

8: Prior Engagements (23 Feb 91)

General Von Klinkerhoffen thinks that a mixed marriage between a Frenchwoman and someone from the occupying forces would provide a good propaganda piece for the newspaper. He decides that Captain Bertorelli should marry Edith.

A party is arranged at the chateau so that local dignitaries can meet the 'happy couple'. The Resistance rescues the airmen from the chateau via an underground river. The airmen end up stuck in a sewer underneath the town centre.

9: Soup And Sausage (2 Mar 91)

It's decided to use Rene's old ice cream truck to rescue the airmen from the sewer. The truck is parked over the sewer grate and Monsieur Alhonse hides underneath so that he can prise off the grate using a chisel.

General Von Klinkerhoffen decides to buy some ice cream but ends up covered in it when the winch which is being used to raise the sewer grate causes the pump on the ice cream maker to get stuck full on.

10: Rene Of The Gypsies (16 Mar 91)

The ice cream truck plan has failed, so Michelle suggests holding a gipsy fair in the town centre. A tent can then be placed over the sewer grating and the airman can be rescued.

Herr Flick has the painting in General Von Klinkerhoffen's office replaced with a forgery. The General discovers the forgery and has Colonel Von Strohm, Lieutenant Gruber and Captain Bertorelli arrested.

Rene and Edith go to visit the gipsies to make arrangements for the Gipsy Fair. Initially, the gipsies agree to attend the fair. Later, they pull out, so Rene and his staff have to masquerade as gipsies. Rene poses as a gipsy fortuneteller in the tent over the sewer grating. Lieutenant Gruber comes to see him, hoping to communicate with Rene's dead 'twin brother'.

A seance is held during which the airmen finally break out of the sewer. This terrifies Gruber, who runs off. Three more airmen emerge from the sewer - apparently they've been lost down there for weeks. When they see Edith, they go straight back down into the sewer again.

A Bun In The Oven (24 Dec 91)

Two years have passed. The airmen have finally escaped to England and Captain Bertorelli and his Italian troops have gone home. Rene thinks life is now relatively peaceful. Then Yvette announces that she's pregnant

Colonel Von Strohm and Lieutenant Gruber get Helga to steal the painting of the 'Fallen Madonna' from Herr Flick. She cuts off one of the boobies and keeps it, to make sure that she'll get her 'cut' when the painting is sold.