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Episode Guide (Series 3)

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1: The Nicked Knockwurst (5 Dec 86)

Herr Flick's knockwurst is kidnapped by the Communist Resistance, who demand a ransom of 800,000 Francs. The ransom money is borrowed from Monsieur Alphonse and Rene is given the job of delivering it to the Communists. Colonel Von Strohm and Captain Geering disguise themselves as trees and lie in wait, hoping to capture the Communists and recover the ransom money. Nothing goes according to plan, of course.

Michelle reveals a new escape plan for the airmen, involving an antique plane in the local museum.

2: Gruber Does Some Mincing (12 Dec 86)

Gruber now has Herr Flick's knockwurst sausage containing the painting of "The Fallen Madonna With The Big Boobies". Herr Flick arrests Gruber and interrogates him. Gruber says that he took the painting out of the sausage and discovered that it was a forgery. Herr Flick sets off to look for the original.

Rene asks Gruber to make another copy of the painting. Maria is sent off to the chateau with the sausage containing the real painting so that Gruber can copy it. Monsieur Alphonse wants his 800,000 Francs back, so Rene repays him with forged notes provided by Monsieur Le Clerc.

The engine from General Von Klinkerhoffen's lawnmower is stolen by the Resistance, who plan to install it in the antique plane so that the airmen can escape.

3: The Sausage In The Wardrobe (19 Dec 86)

Maria has been captured by General Von Klinkerhoffen, who announces that he'll release her if his lawnmower engine is returned.

The chateau is full of secret passages, which are used in various attempts to get hold of the knockwurst in the General's wardrobe.

4: Flight Of Fancy (26 Dec 86)

A parade of antique vehicles is planned as a diversion while Rene and company steal the ancient aeroplane from the museum.

Fanny takes a bite out of the sausage containing the real painting and does some damage.

Yvette tries her hand at a bit of streetwalking to raise some extra money.

Rene has to collect the braces from the men of Nouvion to make a giant elastic band to launch the antique plane.

Next morning, the antiques parade is held as planned and the antique airplane is stolen. Later, the attempt to launch the plane ends in disaster.

5: Pretty Maids All In A Row (2 Jan 87)

Rene hides the Van Clomp painting on the back of a picture given to Fanny by a struggling young artist named Van Gogh.

The airmen are in the Cafe, disguised as waitresses. Rene plans to smuggle them into the prisoner-of-war camp. First they'll be disguised as prostitutes, apparently shot in the cafe and then taken to the mortuary across the road from the prisoner-of-war camp. A tunnel will then be be dug to get them into the camp.

Herr Flick eavesdrops on a resistance radio broadcast and learns that the airmen are disguised as French maids. General Von Klinkerhoffen tells Colonel Von Strohm and Captain Geering to keep watch on the Cafe Rene in case the airmen are there.

6: The Great Un-Escape (9 Jan 87)

Digging a tunnel from the mortuary to the prisoner-of-war camp proves to be more difficult than expected, so Rene and company are roped in to help. Colonel Von Strohm and Captain Geering follow them down the tunnel, which collapses behind them. Everyone ends up trapped in the camp, disguised as British prisoners-of-war.