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Episode Guide (Series 4)

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1: Prisoners Of War (7 Nov 87)

Rene and company, Colonel Von Strohm and Captain Geering are still trapped in the prisoner-of-war camp. They plan to dig their way out. Meanwhile, Herr Flick and Von Smallhausen are planning to tunnel their way into the camp.

Hans Geering escapes, with Rene's help, and is taken away by the Communist Resistance.

Various plans to rescue the gang are hatched.

2: Camp Dance (14 Nov 87)

While the German guards are distracted by a camp variety show, Lieutenant Gruber helps the gang to escape in a garbage truck. The airmen tag along instead of staying in the camp as planned.

Maria escapes separately, disguised as a Red Cross parcel. Unfortunately, she's delivered to Switzerland.

The Communist Resistance have mistaken Hans Geering for an escaping British airman, so they've sent him over to England.

3: Good Staff Are Hard To Find (21 Nov 87)

Mimi La Bonc arrives at the Cafe Rene as a replacement for Maria, who's decided to stay in Switzerland.

Colonel Von Strohm is put in charge of a group of Italian soldiers, with Captain Alberto Bertorelli as second-in-command.

Mimi proves to have a psychotic hatred of Germans and Rene has his hands full stopping her from assassinating every German in Nouvion.

4: The Flying Nun (28 Nov 87)

General Von Klinkerhoffen and Colonel Von Strohm are suspected of being part of a plot to assassinate Hitler. Herr Flick kidnaps Helga, disguises himself as a woman (Private Irma Von Kinkenrotten) and takes Helga's place as the Colonel's secretary. He plants a microphone shaped like a daffodil in the Colonel's office so that he can eavesdrop on conversations in the office.

Rene can't send any radio messages to London because Herr Flick has set up a jamming signal. A kite is used in an attempt to get the aeriel for the Cafe's radio above the jamming signal.

Monsieur Alphonse catches Rene 'dallying' with Yvette, so he decides that Edith is 'available' again.

5: The Sausage In The Trousers (5 Dec 87)

Lieutenant Gruber produces forgeries of the Van Clomp and Van Gogh paintings and hides the originals and the forgeries inside sausages. Unfortunately, Rene also gets deliveries of sausages containing dynamite, sausages containing submarine batteries and, of course, plain ordinary sausages

Herr Flick, still disguised as a woman, is arrested and imprisoned in a dungeon.

6: The Jet-Propelled Mother-In-Law (12 Dec 87)

A British plane drops a spy camera which is intended to be used to photograph the invasion plans from the chateau. The camera lands somewhere in a vineyard occupied by the Germans.

Rene is being held by the Germans after the sausage fiasco. He manages to talk them into releasing him. Meanwhile, Edith has disguised herself as a German officer. She plans to threaten the Germans with a grenade so that they'll release Rene. She only succeeds in blowing up the open air urinal in the town square.

The local peasants are refusing to work in the German's vineyard, so General Von Klinkerhoffen orders his men to conscript forced labour from Nouvion. The Resistance plans to assassinate the General.

The spy camera is found by Monsieur Le Clerc.