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Episode Guide (Series 6)

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1: Desperate Doings In The Graveyard (2 Sep 89)

The latest escape plan for the British airmen involves them wading along the canal underneath a tin bath.

Herr Flick and Von Smallhausen pose as escaped British airmen, hoping to be picked up by the Resistance.

The Resistance have built a communication post in Rene's 'grave', in an effort to get around German jamming of their radio signals. Rene, Edith and Monsieur Alphonse try it out.

Rene gets caught on the aerial and is hoisted above his 'grave'. Lieutenant Gruber sees him and thinks it's the ghost of Rene's 'twin brother'.

2: The Gestapo For The High Jump (9 Sep 89)

Lieutenant Gruber warns Rene about a Getsapo plan to pose as British airmen. Meanwhile, General Von Klinkerhoffen has decided to adopt a similar plan and orders some of Captain Bertorelli's men to be dropped from a plane dressed as British airmen.

The Italians are dropped by parachute. They wander off and get lost.

Rene and the women from the cafe disguise themselves as characters from horror films so that Herr Flick can't recognise them when he and von Smallhausen are brought to the "secret Resistance headquarters".

3: The Nouvion Oars (16 Sep 89)

Herr Flick and Von Smallhausen, disguised as British airmen, are arrested by the Germans. Meanwhile, the real British airmen make their way along the canal. They've been told to look out for a goose with flashing eyes and smoke coming out of its tail.

Rene and his staff row out to the estuary to make sure the British airmen get picked up by a waiting British submarine. The Germans have also rowed out to the estuary. The airmen get lost and the submarine leaves without them.

4: The Nicked Airmen (23 Sep 89)

The British airmen are captured by the Germans, who plan to send them to Berlin the following morning. Rene and his staff dress up as undertakers so they can resue the airmen and smuggle them away in coffins. The plan ends in failure. Meanwhile, Herr Flick and Von Smallhausen pose as a German Army officers in a plan of their own to capture the airmen for the Gestapo. They are arrested for impersonating army officers.

5: The Airmen De-Nicked (30 Sep 89)

Herr Flick and Von Smallhausen have to be released after Colonel Von Strohm gets a phone call from Himmler.

Two German Intelligence officers are due to arrive at the chateau by car to collect the British airmen. The car is ambushed by the Resistance.

Rene and Edith are sent on to the chateau disguised as the Intelligence officers.

The airmen are rescued, but they end up handcuffed to Rene and Mimi. The keys to the handcuffs are in Berlin. The car breaks down and the handcuffed group have to push start it. As the car moves off again, its brakes jam and the group is left stranded.

6: The Crooked Fences (7 Oct 89)

Rene, Mimi and the two British airmen are still handcuffed together. They make their way to the police station, hoping that Officer Crabtree can free them.

The Germans want to sell the painting of the 'Fallen Madonna'. They order Rene to find them a fence.

A meeting is held, with Monsieur Alphonse posing as the fence and everyone else wearing paper bags on their heads. The painting is exchanged for the gold weight from the cuckoo clock. Later, the Germans decide that they'd rather have cash, so Rene arranges for the gold to be exchanged for forged currency. The swap is made in the church, in the confessional booth. There's a cockup and the Germans inadvertantly pass the gold on to the priest.

7: Crabtree's Podgeon Pist (14 Oct 89)

General Von Klinkerhoffen threatens to blow up Nouvion if the airmen aren't handed over.

Fanny and Monsieur Le Clerc are getting married. Michelle reveals a new plan to send the airmen back to England. A barrage balloon and tanks of helium will be hidden in the marquee set up behind the cafe for the wedding.

8: Rising To The Occasion (21 Oct 89)

One of the bombs which General Von Klinkerhoffen plans to use to blow up the town is hidden in the sewer under the cafe. Colonel Von Strohm, Herr Flick and Von Smallhausen are trapped by the Communist Resistance and tied to the bomb.

General Von Klinkerhoffen is declared to be mad and is locked up in the 'fruitcake ward' at the military hospital. General Von Flockenstuffen takes command of the district.

Fanny and Monsieur Le Clerc are at their wedding reception, in bed because they're both exhausted. The helium balloon for the airmen's escape is tied to the bed. It takes off into the air, carrying the bed with it.