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Episode Guide (Series 3)

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1: Autumn (24 Dec 99)

Hugo and Alice return from their honeymoon - some fifteen months after the wedding. It seems that someone talked Hugo into carrying a bag through customs and the bag was found to contain a large a mount of cocaine. Alice can't understand why she's putting on so much weight. When she admits to Geraldine that she's being sick every morning, it doesn't take a genius to decide on the probable cause. Alice, however, declares that she can't possibly be pregnant because she's already done the test and "the hamster didn't turn blue or anything". Needless to say, Alice is definitely pregnant.

David Horton's brother Simon rings Geraldine and arranges to come over and see her that weekend. They spend a passionate weekend together, in spite of interruptions from Alice, Hugo, Frank, Jim and David. Later, Simon tells her that he's involved with another woman back in Liverpool.

After Simon leaves, Geraldene becomes very depressed. She consoles herself by eating large amounts of ice cream and chocolate. She also begins to neglect her parochial duties. Eventually she tenders her resignation to the parish council. The villagers refuse to accept it and manage to talk her into returning to work.

The end of programme joke is about "a new low fat communion wafer".

2: Winter (25 Dec 99)

The parish council wants to stage a special show for Christmas. Alice suggests staging the nativity in a real stable. Geraldine becomes the show's producer. Alice and Hugo talk her into letting them play Mary and Joseph. Geraldine is initially reluctant to agree because Alice is heavily pregnant. She's eventually persuaded to let them take part, however.

After weeks of rehearsal, the evening of the performance finally arrives. In the middle of the performance, Alice goes into labour and gives birth to a baby girl. Hugo and Alice decide to call their daughter Geraldine.

The end of programme joke is about Father Christmas.

3: Spring (27 Dec 99)

David Horton proposes to Geraldine. Initially, she accepts but later has second thoughts and says "No".

Baby Geraldine is christened.

The end of programme joke is about Superman, Wonderwoman and the Invisible Man.

4: Summer (1 Jan 00)

The village is in the middle of a prolonged drought. Nobody has had a bath for weeks and everyone has begun to smell and look very shabby. The villagers are discussing the idea of a new statue to commemorate the Millennium. The water company come up with a plan to cure the water shortage. They want to create a new reservoir. Unfortunately, the village of Dibley will be in the middle of it.

Some of the villagers are initially tempted to agree to the reservoir plan because of the promised compensation. Eventually, however, everyone becomes involved in protests against the "drowning" of Dibley. The villagers gain a great deal of public support for their campaign. The water company eventually admit defeat and cancel their plans.

The Millennium statue is eventually completed and unveiled. It's a representation of baby Geraldine in her cot.

The end of programme joke is about something that's "brown and sticky". Geraldine finds a new use for a large Bible.

Merry Christmas (25 Dec 04)

Geraldine celebrates her tenth anniversary as vicar of Dibley.

Happy New Year (1 Jan 05)

It's Geraldine's fortieth birthday, but she's more interested in commemorating the twentieth anniversary of Live Aid.

The Handsome Stranger (25 Dec 06)

Geraldine tries to improve the cultural life of the village by setting up a book club for the villagers.

Nice idea - shame about the membership!

Alice gets hooked on "The Da Vinci Code" and ends up convinced that SHE is the living descendant of Jesus Christ.

Geraldine is attracted to a handsome "incomer" who has just bought a cottage in the village. The attraction seems to be mutual.

The Vicar In White (31 Dec 06)

Geraldine finally manages to attend a wedding at which she's the bride rather than the officiant.

Nothing goes exactly according to plan, of course!