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Episode Guide (Series 2)

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1: Engagement (26 Dec 97)

Dibley gets its own radio station for a week. Each of the villagers presents a programme, with a special prize on offer for the best effort. Frank Pickle uses his programme to make a startling revelation. Everyone had assumed that he'd be incredibly boring as usual, so nobody heard him!

The end of programme joke is about golf.

2: Dibley Live (8 Jan 98)

Geraldine is invited to appear on a national radio programme. She's such a big success that she rapidly becomes a national celebrity. She ends up getting very big-headed and falls out with most of the villagers. She manages to redeem herself with the help of ballet dancer Darcy Bussell.

The end of programme joke is about a budgie and a lawnmower.

3: Celebrity Vicar (15 Jan 98)

Alice and Hugo are preparing for their wedding. Geraldine is shocked to learn that Alice and Hugo may have the same father. It's all a misunderstanding on Gerry's part, however. The day of the wedding finally arrives and Hugo and Alice "tie the knot". Geraldine takes a fancy to David Horton's brother.

The end of programme joke is about hamburgers.

4: Love And Marriage (22 Jan 98)

Geraldine is offered a new job in Liverpool.

Alice is busy planning her wedding to Hugo. Geraldine does her best to restrain Alice from going too far "over the top", with only limited success.

Geraldine meets Simon, David Horton's brother and is attracted to him. When she hears that he's from Liverpool, she decides to accept the offer of a new job. Then she discovers that Simon is planning to move to Dibley.

At her hen night, Alice makes a very surprising revelation about her parentage.

Alice's wedding takes place, with a very strange wedding dress and Teletubby bridesmaids. Hugo is mistaken for a bigamist.

Jim delivers a best man's speech inspired by Abba's song "Knowing Me, Knowing You"..