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Geraldine Grainger
(Dawn French)

When she arrives in Dibley following the death of the ancient Reverend Pottle, she has to overcome a great deal of scepticism (even hostility) on the part of her new parishioners. Eventually, she manages to win everyone over to her side, even David Horton.

She's a kind-hearted, fun-loving,optimistic, larger than life individual whose twin obsessions are sex (which she indulges in rarely) and chocolate (which she indulges in far too frequently).

She's always willing to put herself out to help her parishioners, in spite of the fact that doing so often causes difficulties for her.


Alice Tinker/Horton
(Emma Chambers)

The rather dippy, ever so slightly dotty, verger at St Barnabus Church.

Alice beileves in the existence of fairies, goblins and the Easter Bunny. She even thinks that the Teletubbies really exist.

She likes to think that she has a sense of humour, but almost invariably fails miserably to get the point of most of the jokes Geraldine tells her until the vicar takes the trouble to explain what they mean.

Her main obsession is David Horton's son Hugo. The couple subsequently become engaged, get married and have ten children.


David Horton
(Gary Waldhorn)

The closest thing to a "Lord of the Manor" in the village of Dibley, David is the parish councillor and chairman of the parish council.

He is initially vehemently opposed to the idea of a female vicar, but gradually becomes reconciled to the idea and eventually fancies himself in love with Geraldine.

He's a pompous, self-opinionated, right wing character who has strong opinions on everything and likes to get his own way.


Hugo Horton
(James Fleet)

The son of David Horton, Hugo is a rather diffident young man who has grown up in the shadow of his father's personality.

His conversations tend to be rather rambling efforts, including an unusually large amount of "waffling".

He has been attracted to Alice since they were both children. When he finally makes up his mind that he wants to marry her, his father is dead set against the idea. In spite of this, Hugo decides to be decisive for a change. He goes ahead and marries her anyway.


Owen Newitt
(Roger Lloyd Pack)

Owen is a farmer. He's lived alone for much of his life and has become rather "strange" as a result.

He's probably about as "down to earth" as anyone you're likely to meet (or, indeed, would want to meet).

He doesn't believe in beating about the bush and is never reluctant to speak his mind.

He develops a passion for Geraldine and is seemingly oblivious of the fact that his romantic interests are not reciprocated.


Jim Trott
(Trevor Peacock)

If they gave a Nobel Prize for dithering, Jim would have to be be awarded it at every possible opportunity.

"No, No, No, No ... Yes" is his most common answer to any question you care to ask him.

Jim is a married man who believes that the secret of a happy marriage is "sex and lots of it ... with as many women as possible".


Frank Pickle
(John Bluthal)

Everyone who knows him agrees that Frank Pickle is one of the most boring men who has ever lived.

Give him half a chance and he'll spend hours recounting stories about when the pub ran out of crisps or the postman was ten minutes late one day in 1957.

Frank is the secretary of the parish council. The way he takes the minutes of meetings suggests that the word "pedantic" was invented just for him.


Letitia Cropley
(Liz Smith)

Letitia Cropleuy was the acknowledged "Queen of Cordon Bleugh".

She was famous throughout Oxfordshire for her "unusual" approach to cooking. Chocolate pudding with tuna, anchovies and peanut butter, lemon curd with ham and cheese ... these were just a few of her famous culinary "creations".

When she was young, Letitia had a reputation of a very different kind. Then she was "Luscious" Letitia, the proverbial "good time that was had by all".

Letitia died in the 1996 episode "The Easter Bunny".


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