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Episode Guide (Series 1)

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1: The Arrival (10 Nov 94)

When the old Vicar of Dibley dies suddenly during Evensong, the Bishop is quick to appoint a successor. David Horton organises a welcoming party for the new vicar. The villagers are astonished to find that the new incumbent is a woman. Not everyone approves! David Horton is particularly opposed to the idea of a female vicar. He sets out to have her removed from the parish.

The 'end-of-programme' joke is about a nun and a "blind" man.

2: Songs Of Praise (17 Nov 94)

The BBC offers to send a television crew to record a 'Songs of Praise' programme at Dibley's parish church. Suddenly, a lot of people are interested in attending church! The Reverend Geraldine takes a fancy to the dishy young producer, while David Horton shows more than a passing interest in a young female member of the crew. The programme doesn't turn out quite the way everyone expected.

The 'end-of-programme' joke is about two nuns, a car and a vampire.

3: Community Spirit (24 Nov 94)

Geraldine volunteers to organise the Autumn Fair, promising to get a 'celebrity' to perform the opening ceremony. Finding an 'available' celebrity,however, proves to be rather difficult. When Alice tells her about her cousin, Reg Dwight, Geraldine assumes she means Elton John and arranges for him to open the Fair. Unfortunately, it's the *wrong* Reg Dwight! All ends happily, however, when a passing celebrity (Kylie Minogue) agrees to 'do the honours'.

The 'end-of-programme' joke is about nuns having to answer a question correctly before being allowed to enter heaven.

4: The Window And The Weather (1 Dec 94)

After a storm, one of the church's stained glass windows is broken. Geraldine sets out to raise funds for a replacement window, targetting one of David Horton's rich friends. Everyone seems to have a different idea of what the old window actually depicted. The Vicar manages to raise the money needed, but the end result isn't quite what the villagers expected.

At the end of the programme, Alice tries (and fails) to tell 'knock-knock' jokes.

5: Election (8 Dec 94)

Geraldine and David have a disagreement over the local bus service. As a result, the Vicar finds herself opposing David in the District Council elections. It begins to look as if she might win!

The 'end-of-programme' joke is about two nuns in a bath.

6: Animals (15 Dec 94)

Geraldine decides to hold a special church service for animals. David Horton tries to persuade the Bishop that the service is a bad idea and should be cancelled. Geraldine is determined to go ahead with it.

The 'end-of-programme' joke is about a lobster.

The Easter Bunny (8 Apr 96)

It's almost Easter and the members of the parish council are talking about what they'll be giving up for Lent. David Horton suggests that the vicar should give up chocolate. Geraldine agrees, but finds it hard going - especially when David does everything he can think of to tempt her! Alice tells Geraldine about the Easter Bunny, which appears in the village every Easter and leaves eggs outside all of the houses. Geraldine thinks it's just a local fairy story, until Letitia Cropley convinces her otherwise. When Letitia dies suddenly, she leaves Geraldine with a peculiar new responsibility.

The end of programme joke is about O J Simpson.

The Christmas Lunch Incident (25 Dec 96)

It's almost Christmas and Geraldine is particularly looking forward to opening all of the windows on her thirty chocolate advent calendars. She gets invited to Christmas lunch by Frank Pickle and Jim Trott. She accepts their invitation. She subsequently gets invited to lunch by David Horton, Alice Tinker and Owen Newitt. She can't bring herself to refuse any of the invitations, so she ends up having to eat a vast amount of food.

The end of programme joke is about "the interrupting sheep"

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