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Episode Guide (Series 4)

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1: Hello Young Lovers (4 Apr 78)

When a young couple move in, everyone assumes that they are newlyweds. In reality, they're not married and the girl's father doesn't approve of their relationship.

Also appearing:
Deborah Watling (Lorna), Alun Lewis (Robin), Robert Dorning (Father)

2: Fire And Brimstone (11 Apr 78)

Gwyn is a Welsh student who's take his religion very seriously. Rigsby convinces him that Philip is badly in need of spiritual help.

Also appearing:
John Clive (Gwyn)

3: Great Expectations (18 Apr 78)

Rigsby's great uncle has died and left his money to Rigsby provided he's still happily married. Ruth is persuaded to pose as Rigsby's wife in an attempt to meet the conditions of the inheritance. Then the real Mrs Rigsby turns up ...

Also appearing:
Avis Bunnage (Veronica), Gretchen Franklin (Aunt Maud), Andrew Sachs (Snell)

4: Pink Carnations (25 Apr 78)

Following an advert in the personal column of the local newspaper, Rigsby arranges to meet a mystery woman at a local hotel. After a series of mishaps and misunderstandings, Rigsby finally meet the woman, who turns out to be Miss Jones.

Also appearing:
Roy Barraclough (Barman),> Helen Fraser (Bride), John Quayle (Groom), Joan Sanderson (Mother)

5: Under The Influence (2 May 78)

One of Rigsby's tenants is a hypnotist. He's also behind with his rent. Rigsby talks him into hypnotising Miss Jones so that she believes that she's in love with Rigsby.

Also appearing:
Peter Jeffrey (Ambrose)

6: Come On In - The Water's Lovely (9 May 78)

Rigsby's divorce becomes final. He proposes to Ruth Jones, who agrees to marry him. Will she go through with it?

Also appearing:
Brian Peck (Ron), Fanny Rowe (Mother)

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