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Episode Guide (Series 2)

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1: Permissive Society (7 Nov 75)

Philip wants to spend some time alone with Ruth, so he fixes Alan up with a blind date.

Also appearing:
George A Cooper (Cooper)

2: Food Glorious Food (14 Nov 75)

Philip bets Rigsby that he won't be able to go without food for three days.

3: A Body Like Mine (21 Nov 75)

Everyone is caught up in a fitness craze - even Rigsby gets involved.

4: Moonlight And Roses (28 Nov 75)

Rigsby convinces himself that Ruth Jones is in love with him.

Also appearing:
Gay Rose (Brenda), Robin Parkinson (Desmond)

5: The Perfect Gentleman (5 Dec 75)

A new tenant impresses Rigsby with his obvious good breeding. Not only does he manage to avoid paying his rent, but he also talks Rigsby into parting with his savings.

Also appearing:
Henry McGee (Seymour)

6: The Last Of The Big Spenders (12 Dec 75)

Rigsby has bought new furniture on the "never never". Unfortunately, he's omitted to keep up the payments, so the bailiffs have come to collect the goods. Meanwhile, Rigsby is doing his best to seduce Brenda.

Also appearing:
Gay Rose (Brenda), Robert Gillespie (Gasman), Campbell Singer (Flint), Ronnie Brody (Charlie)

7: Things That Go Bump In The Night (19 Dec 75)

Rigsby tries to convince Alan that the house is haunted.

Also appearing:
Gay Rose (Brenda), Norman Bird (Vicar), David Rowlands (Curate)

For The Man Who Has Everything (26 Dec 75)

Rigsby is on his own for Christmas, though Alan and Philip think he's gone to stay with his brother. Alan arrives back early with Brenda, expecting to find the house empty. Philip comes back with a lady friend, who's expecting to stay

Also appearing:
Gay Rose (Brenda),> Helen Fraser (Gwen), Larry Martyn (Fred), Elizabeth Adare (Lucy)

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