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Episode Guide (Series 1)

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Rooksby (2 Sep 74)

Rupert Rigsby is the landlord of a seedy lodging house. One of his tenants, Ruth Jones, works at a local college. She persuades Rigsby to rent a room to Philip, an "aristocratic" student. When Rigsby discovers that Philip is a good looking black man, he decides that he doesn't want him living in the room next to Ruth's. He moves him into in an attic room, sharing with Alan, a medical student.

1: Black Magic (13 Dec 74)

Philip tells Rigsby that, back home in Africa, he's considered to be a god with magical powers. Rigsby doesn't believe him, so Philip arranges a demonstration involving a leopard skin, an ancient spear and Ruth Jones.

2: Charisma (20 Dec 74)

Alan and Philip give Rigsby some advice about ways to improve his love life. Alan gives him some pills which he says will relax him. He doesn't mention the fact that they'll also send him to sleep and turn his "water" green. Later, Philip gives Rigsby a piece of "love wood" and tells him to burn it outside Ruth's "hut". Rigsby subsequently discovers that it's a piece of wood from one of his wardrobes.

3: A Night Out (27 Dec 74)

It's Miss Jones' birthday. Rigsby wants to take her, Alan and Philip out for a meal at "The Grange", an exclusive restaurant. Philip is given the job of talking Ruth into going. Rigsby 'borrows' a dinner jacket belonging to Spooner, a wrestler, without telling him. Later that evening, Spooner comes into the restaurant, sees Rigsby wearing his jacket and causes a scene. As a result, Alan and Rigsby are thrown out of the restaurant.

Also appearing:
Derek Newark (Spooner)

4: All Our Yesterdays (3 Jan 75)

Spooner has his leg in plaster after tripping over Vienna, Rigsby's cat. Now he's even more bad tempered than ever. He can't sleep "because of the pain", so he's got his radio on loud all night. Someone will have to speak to him about it ... but who?

Also appearing:
Derek Newark (Spooner)

5: The Prowler (10 Jan 75)

Ruth tells Rigsby that she's seen a prowler peering in at the window. A policeman turns up to investigate ... but is he what he seems?

Also appearing:
George Sewell (Baker)

6: Stand Up And Be Counted (17 Jan 75)

It's election time and Rigsby, Alan and Ruth are supporting different political parties.

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