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Episode Guide (Series 3)

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1: That's My Boy (12 Apr 77)

Ruth returns and is persuaded to look after a baby belonging to a new tenant. Rigsby mistakenly believes that it's Ruth's baby.

Also appearing:
Ann Beach (Mrs. Brent)
David Daker (Mr. Brent)

2: Stage Struck (19 Apr 77)

A new tenant, Hilary, has written a play. He lets Alan and Ruth play the lead roles. Rigsby decides to try his hand at acting as a way of impressing Miss Jones.

Also appearing:
Peter Bowles (Hilary)

3: Clunk Click (26 Apr 77)

Rigsby splashes out on a flash new car in another attempt to impress Miss Jones. Alan has a posh new girlfriend.

Also appearing:
Judy Buxton (Caroline)
Derek Francis (Mr. French)

4: The Good Samaritans (3 May 77)

Mr Gray, a new tenant, is very depressed because his wife has left him and his business has gone bust. Rigsby is afraid he'll 'do something stupid', so he rings the samaritans. Mr Gray ends up on the roof. Rigsby climbs out to rescue him, but ends up having to be rescued himself.

Also appearing:
David Swift (Mr Gray), John Clive (Samaritan)

5: Fawcett's Python (10 May 77)

Marilyn, a new tenant, is an "exotic dancer". Her 'partner' is a large snake, which escapes and puts the fear of god into Rigsby.

Also appearing:
Andonia Katsaros (Marilyn)

6: The Cocktail Hour (17 May 77)

Alan gets engaged to Caroline, his 'posh' girlfriend. Ruth invites Alan, Caroline, Philip and Caroline's mother around for tea. Rigsby invites himself along.

Also appearing:
Judy Buxton (Caroline), Diana King (Mrs. Armitage)

7: Suddenly At Home (24 May 77)

Osborne, one of Rigsby's tenants, is a hypochondriac. Ruth is making him soup and generally running around after him, much to Rigsby's disgust. When Osborne collapses, Rigsby thinks he's dead and sets about organising a funeral.

Also appearing:
Roger Brierly (Osborne)

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