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Episode Guide (Series 5)

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1: Only A Story (1 Jan 95)

After her flat is flooded, Mrs Warboys comes to stay with the Meldrews. Victor is visiting a reflexologist, or so he thinks. He's horrified when he finds out just exactly HOW she's been massaging the soles of his feet! Meanwhile, Victor has an unpleasant experience in the kitchen, has a brush with a chimney sweep and is mistaken for an unpopular local newspaper editor.

2: The Affair Of The Hollow Lady (8 Jan 95)

Mrs Warboys wins a prize in a competition - a wax model of herself. A local lady greengrocer takes a fancy to Victor and drives Margaret to take extreme measures. Meanwhile, Victor is only interested in getting to Wembley. He's also out for revenge on an incompetent locksmith.

3: Rearranging The Dust (15 Jan 95)

Margaret and Victor are waiting to see their solicitor. Victor is finding the waiting unbearable, so he fills in time observing the other visitors, counting leaves, attacking a small dog with a bun, destroying a table and generally criticising his surroundings.

4: Hole In The Sky (22 Jan 95)

Victor tries his hand at seafood cookery, with nearly disastrous results. His attempt at puppet restoration also causes problems. The McKendrick brothers are converting the loft and driving Margaret mad with their practical jokes. Margaret and Pippa's plan to bring about a reconciliation between Victor and Patrick only makes matters worse.

5: The Exterminating Angel (29 Jan 95)

Victor has found a job as a chauffeur, but proves to be better at demolition than driving. He's injured by a shower, makes a mess of the shopping and has to see a dentist. Meanwhile, Margaret tries to play Cupid for Nick Swainey and Tania the nurse. Unfortunately, Nick is in for an unpleasant surprise where Tania is concerened.

The Wisdom Of The Witch (25 Dec 95)

Now that Patrick and Pippa Trench have finally managed to sell their house and move away, they think they've seen the last of Victor Meldrew. They haven't, of course. Victor ignores a warning from a local witch and sets out on a long journey through the snow. He ends up keeping Patrick company in an isolated house. Margaret and Pippa become worried about their husbands, so they set out to find them. And what's become of Edwin the tarantula?

Starbound (26 Dec 96)

Victor develops a hernia. As a result of a confused phone call, he has a varied assortment of surgical aids delivered. There's a squatter in the garden shed and he's even getting junk mail! Mrs Warboys talks Victor into adopting Mr Birkitt's dog Nippy. Victor gets a surprise when the dog arrives. Victor gets a job as a gardener and runs into Patrick again. There's something about the atmosphere at work that's making Victor cheerful, but what is it?

Endgame (25 Dec 97)

Victor buys a second-hand caravan, then finds out that it's supposed to be haunted. He plans a relaxing holiday for himself and Margaret, but she isn't keen on using the caravan. They compromise by going to a holiday cottage for the weekend. Unfortunately, the cottage has actually been booked by the Meldrew's new neighbours. This leads to an embarrassing encounter next morning. Victor and Margaret return home but, after an argument, Victor goes off on his own with the caravan. He has an eerie encounter and decides to get rid of the caravan over a cliff. The caravan stops on the edge, but Victor's car crashes down to the beach below. Returning home, Victor is told that Margaret is in hospital after a suspected heart attack.