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Victor Meldrew
(Richard Wilson)

Victor is short-tempered and completely lacking in patience and tolerance.

When he thinks that something is wrong (as he often does) he's never afraid to say so.

His outbursts usually have some justification, though his reactions to life's trials and tribulation usually involve him going well "over the top". This doesn't tend to endear him to anyone on the receiving end of his diatribes.


Margaret Meldrew
(Annette Crosbie)

Margaret is a relatively calm, easy-going individual who has somehow managed to cope with Victor's mood changes and frequent outbursts over many years of marriage.

Other people tend to pity her and think that she has a lot to put up with. While this may be true, she wouldn't really want to be with anyone other than Victor.


Patrick Trench
(Angus Deayton)

Patrick was the Meldrew's next door neighbour for several years.

He had numerous encounters with Victor, both before and after they were neighbours. He didn't enjoy any of them.

At one point, Patrick and Victor were involved in a major "feud", behaving in a manner that their wives agreed was extremely childish.

Gradually, it becomes obvious (even to Patrick) that he's well on his way to turning into another Victor Meldrew himself.


Pippa Trench
(Janine Duvitski)

Pippa is Patrick's wife.

Like Margaret, she often has a lot to put up with from her husband. Also like Margaret, she's learned to cope with her situation.


Jean Warboys
(Doreen Mantle)

Jean Warboys is Margaret's best friend.

She sees a lot of the Meldrews and on occasion is the object of Victor's wrath. She deals with his outbursts mainly by ignoring them.


Nick Swainey
(Owen Brenman)

Nick Swainey is the Meldrew's other next-door neighbour.

He's a kind hearted, shy young man who is very involved with community projects and "good works".


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