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Episode Guide (Series 4)

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1: The Pit & The Pendulum (31 Jan 93)

Victor is having problems keeping his fish alive. He's also up to his neck in trouble after falling out with a hairy gardener. Margaret's mother has died and Patrick loses his dog. A close encounter with the occupant of Victor's seaweed puts Patrick in hospital.

2: Descent Into The Maelstrom (7 Feb 93)

Margaret takes to her bed with nervous exhaustion, but Victor's tender loving care soon has her up and about again. Andrea's baby seems to be very fond of Victor's garden gnome. Nick Swainey ends up on his back in the Meldrews' kitchen. Victor has problems with the iron, loses his best suit and gains two gorilla suits instead. Why is he giving away video recorders? And what's happened to Margaret's pearl earrings?

3: Hearts Of Darkness (14 Feb 93)

The Meldrews visit the countryside for a day out with Nick Swainey and Jean Warboys. They take to the river and end up getting lost in the mist. Back on land, a sudden downpour forces them to take refuge in an abandoned van . Victor and Jean become trapped in a bag of cement. Trying to find their way back to the car, they end up walking in circles. Victor goes off to find help and discovers a home for the elderly where the staff have a strange way of caring for the residents. Victor the Liberator starts a revolution and finds a use for the bags of cement from the abandoned van.

4: Warm Champagne (21 Feb 93)

Victor and Margaret return from holiday to find the local kids using their front garden as a cricket pitch. Victor is suffering from sunburned feet, so he finds chasing them away difficult. A neighbour puts up a pub sign outside the Meldrews' house. The sign reads, "The Pain In The Arse". Margaret is tempted by romance and returns home to find a strange woman in her bed. The new bedroom lighting isn't to Victor's liking. Patrick takes the key to the Meldrews' garden shed and tells Victor that the dog has swallowed it. This means that Victor has some unpleasant sorting out to do.

5: The Trial (28 Feb 93)

Victor is "on call" for jury service, so he has to spend all day at home. He tries to fight boredom by cataloguing his imaginary ailments, gets a letter from a Jehovah's witness, tries to write a letter to Alfred and struggles to complete a crossword. He finds a wig in a loaf of bread and a plant in his downstairs toilet.

6: Secret Of The Seven Sorcerers (7 Mar 93)

Victor gets a new job as a lollipop man. It looks like being a nice easy job, until he hears about Psycho Sam. Victor's conjuring group meets at the Meldrews' house and the meeting ends in chaos. The window cleaner gets a shock when he mistakes Victor's hot curry sauce for coffee. Mrs Warboys has surprising news about her husband. The fire brigade seem to be taking a lot of interest in Victor's activities. Patrick and Pippa come round for a meal and get more than they bargained for.

One Foot In The Algarve (26 Dec 93)

The Meldrews are on holiday in Portugal with Mrs Warboys, who's hoping for romance with her pen-friend Alfonso. They are followed by Martin Trout, a freelance photographer who believes that they've accidentally taken a roll of film which could earn him a small fortune. Victor collects their hire car and they set off for their villa. They fall foul of the local police and find themselves in a dingy, dismal cell. Unfortunately, the 'cell' turns out to be their "luxury" villa! Jean Warboys finally gets to meet Alfonso, then goes missing. The Meldrews find that they've brought the wrong suitcase. The local donkeys seem to be strangely attracted to Victor - an attraction which has unfortunate consequences for boxer Hugh Lennox.

The Man Who Blew Away (25 Dec 94)

The Meldrews are visited by Mr Foskitt, an old acquaintance with suicidal tendencies. Victor's stolen car turns up ... in Finland! Patrick is horrified to learn that he's wearing a pair of Victor's underpants at an important business meeting. The neighbours are having a noisy party, Mr Foskitt is clambering about naked ouside the first floor windows - and who on earth are the two children who are busy eating the Meldrews out of house and home?