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Episode Guide (Series 1)

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1: Meet The Gang (3 Jan 74)

Gunner Solomons is trying to run a Concert Party rehearsal and he's finding it difficult without Gunner Graham, the pianist, who's been put on jankers by Sergeant Major Williams.

The Sergeant Major is determined that Graham will spend his time painting stones white rather than playing the piano for a 'bunch of puffs'. Solly decides to appeal to a higher authority, so he sends the Bearer off to deliver a note to the Colonel. As a result, Graham is excused jankers and allowed to join the rest of the Concert Party in rehearsal.

That evening, the Concert Party performance is interrupted when a large mob of locals stage an anti-British protest outside the camp gates. The Sergeant Major finds himself 'annointed' with the dung of a sacred animal - all over his best tunic.

2: My Lovely Boy (10 Jan 74)

Rangi Ram notices that Gunner Parkins and the Sergeant Major both have a photograph of the same woman next to their beds. It's Parky's mother and the only woman the Sergeant Major ever loved. Rangi tells the Sergeant Major, who jumps to the conclusion that Parky is his son.

Gunner Parkins is about to be posted 'up the jungle'. Williams tries to think of a way of preventing this from happening. He decides to arrange for Parky to become a member of the Concert Party, as a ventriloquist.

News of the German surrender and the end of the war in Europe reaches the camp.

3: The Mutiny Of The Punka Wallahs (17 Jan 74)

It's decided that all of the Punkah Wallahs in the camp should be replaced with electric fans. When the Punkah Wallahs hear about this, they all go on strike.

The local electricity workers walk out in sympathy, so the camp is suddenly without power. Then the workers at the telephone exchange go on strike.

Gunner Solomons comes up with a plan to settle the dispute and reinstate the Punkah Wallahs.

4: A Star Is Born (24 Jan 74)

Gunner Parkin is "removed" from the concert party. The Sergeant Major plots to have the rest of the gang sent "up the jungle".

This episode is no longer available as a broadcast quality recording. A "low quality" version does, however, appear on the DVD release of Series 1.

5: The Jungle Patrol (31 Jan 74)

Sergeant Major Williams talks the Colonel into letting him take the men from the Concert Party on a jungle survival course.

The Sergeant Major thinks everyone is going without food and water, but Solly has arranged for Rangi Ram and the Char Wallah to follow behind with hot tea and food.

While the Sergeant Major suffers from hunger and thirst, the men from the Concert Party keep sneaking off to eat and drink.

6: It's A Wise Child (7 Feb 74)

Attempts are made to find out whether or not RSM Williams really IS Parky's father.

This episode is no longer available as a broadcast quality recording. A "low quality" version does, however, appear on the DVD release of Series 1.

7: The Road To Bannu (14 Feb 74)

The Concert Party are on their way to put on a show for the troops at Bannu, on the Northwest Frontier.

After a long, hot train journey, they set off by road on the last leg of the journey.

The truck breaks down and the men are stranded. They find themselves surrounded by hostile tribesmen. Solly has to pose as Bing Crosby and put on a show for the tribesmen in order to pacify them.

When Gloria appears as Dorothy Lamour, the leader of the tribesmen wants to buy 'her'.

8: The Inspector Calls (21 Feb 74)

The Sergeant Major wants the men from the Concert Party to do guard duty and drill. The Colonel points out that they all have different uniforms, so they wouldn't look right on guard.

The Sergeant Major plans to get the gang to dress up in similar uniforms by persuading them to include a 'military' number in the show. Solly manages to get hold of some uniforms and begins to rehearse 'The Road To Mandalay'.

The General pays a visit to inspect the camp. He complains about the fact that the men in the camp all seem to be wearing different uniforms. Then he sees the Sergeant Major drilling the Concert Party, all dressed in similar uniforms, and insists on inspecting them.

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